UseClix Scam or not? (

UseClix Scam or not? (

UseClix Since March 2015

FINAL EDIT: Site is dead read more HERE

EDIT: Useclix have problems with Paypal read more HERE

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Here is launched new ptc site Useclix and you wonder is Useclix scam or not?

We join and tested for few minutes and we can tell you that Useclix site remind us on previous Buxwon. This do not mean that we clam that this is same owner, we just see some similarities.

Best thing about Useclix is that they offer Neteller as payment option with Paypal and Payza.

Useclix have also so called unique script and that is promising for long term and stability.

You have 4 basic ads like on other sites worth 1 cent and 3 types of memberships standard, golden and ultimate (same story like on 90% PTC sites) and you have good commission from DR as standard member.

Since we just join, and we have will for test, we will also add more news on this article later.

Our opinion is that this site will end sooner or later as scam but it is worth to try and this kind of sites usually last enough that you can return your investment if you invest at start. So if you decide to invest now you will 100% earn money.

We hope that site will be stable and last longer but from our experience there is more chance to end as scam than to succeed.

EDIT: We reach our 1st payment and Useclix pay us on time according to TOS so for now it is all good. One more thing, that we notice, is that Useclix don’t use self-sponsored ads which is great and promising sign for long stability and long run. We hope that we will finally get one more trusted site with neteller. There is also promising Comodo security step on Useclix. Useclix is verified and secured by Comodo and 90% of other PTC sites don’t offer safety like this.

Also we do some domain search and investigation about Useclix and we find information that also promise long run of Useclix. Here we post some screenshots:

useclix info traffic

Here you can see traffic report about Useclix and Alexa ranking and other info.

expiriation date useclix

And here you can see that this domain have expiration date set to maximum of 10 years from now! This is great sign that owner of Useclix have serious plans for this site.

After reaching our 1st payment we are just one step from another and we will keep informing you about Useclix progress. We hope that Useclix will start to offer instant payments to users and if they do that we will consider to invest serious money on this site.

Some basic info about Useclix:

– your clicks: 1 cent standard ads

– your ref clicks: up to 1 cent

– minimum for cashout: 4$ for all memberships

– cashout time: 1 working day, excluding weekends, holidays

– unique script

– secured and verified by Comodo

– days between cashouts 7, 7, 4

– from our experience AVG of RR for standards is around 1.7 which is profitable

– payment processors: Paypal, Payza and Neteller

Join under our link to test this site for cashout, thank you and happy earnings!

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