Is Scam or not? Ultimateadz review

Is Scam or not? Ultimateadz review

Is trusted website to invest money?

ultimateadz scam

scam ultimateadz

You probably search for site ultimateadz and you want to know are they trusted company or scam? Well shortly we can tell you that ultimateadz is scam site and there is no doubt in that.

Why? Reason is simple, use well known ponzi schema to scam users and this is maybe good investment in short term but for longer period you will be scammed for sure. There is no site that offer great prizes at start just for promotion and getting users and continue business more than 3-4 months.

Think about “first 25000 members will get golden membership”? Does money fall from the sky?

If you are willing to risk then do it fast but remember we are warned you.

We will not test this site and we will not even create account there it is obvious scam.

Do not invest money in this site, you don’t have paypal as payment option and your money is not safe there. Payza will not back your money for your own risk, they do not offer such a guarantee as paypal.

If you read their TOS carefully you will see many similarities with previous scam sites and this one is probably connected with some of them.

This is not even worth of our time to check more so again you are been warned for


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