Toxads Scam? Review

Toxads Scam? Review since May 2015

Last and final EDIT: Toxads goes to scam and we successfully  won dispute against them on paypal! 

EDIT: We got our 1st payment from Toxads, Read more here!

toxads review


There is (again) one more site Toxads that offer Neteller as payment processor. This site remind us on Probux, fusebux,zapbux and we also think that there is same admin or group behind

If you ask “Is Toxads Scam?” Well we doubt that Toxads will have some major problems in first four months.

So, basic info about Toxads is:

– Instant Payment (for upgraded only)
– SSL Transaction security
– Referral Contest System 4.0v
– Unique Script
– Payment processors: PayPal,  Payza , Neteller, Perfect Money
– Per ref click great DR commission  0.005 for standards
– Minimum for cashout 4$


Be careful with investments and if you do then do it fast on start so you can easily turn back your investment.

We add more info later about Toxads, for now register through our banner and help us to test site, thank you and happy earnings!


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