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Foxclix ( scam or legit?

So, is Foxclix ( scam or legit site? 

foxclix review

Well we didn’t write for a long time and the main reason is to much scams these days so where is the point of this at all. We was also thinking to stop write reviews at all. This post is just an old habit and there is not a single new site that is worth of our time. It is best for you all to keep working on existing legit site and except of only clicking ads work on tasks and minijobs and you will get around 300-500$ per month.

Investing in any new site is not good idea because it takes to much time, risk and effort and at end you earn very low amount of money or even end with loss.

So final advice is use only Neobux, Clixsense and few more from legit list and practice tasks on Crowdflower .

About Foxclix we can tell you that there is man...

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