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How to calculate BEP and AVG for rented refs?

Hi there, this post is created with the intention to help you to calculate your BEP. If you know your BEP you will know how much avg do you need so you will not lose money on PTC websites.

How to calculate BEP and AVG?

Some basic explanation:
– AVG(average): Is the result of divide the amount of clicks of your referrals between a certain period of time, usually calculated on daily basic.
– BEP(break point): Is the minimum AVG you will need to at least recover your investment. So main thing is to know you’r BEP so you can menage referrals to be more profitable for you.

Let´s see an example:
You rent referrals and as you know they will work for you for 30 days, before they expire we need to extend their time so we do not lose them besides the fact that we pay a small fee for letting they ex...

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