R4bux (R4bux.com) - legit or scam review

R4bux (R4bux.com) – legit or scam review

EDIT: We got our 1st payment, read more here r4bux review scam

R4bux is very new PTC site and for now we will keep an eye on this site. We cant advise you nothing for now except to be carefully with investments.

Here is some basic info about R4bux new PTC site:

– min payout: 4 $
– referral commission is 20%
– ads from 0.001 $ to 1 cent
– available clicks per day  10+
– payment processors  Paypal, Payza, Visa
– script Gen4+

Admin of this site also owns another PTC site  Fzclick.net  and after some fast review we also notice that they try to look as Neobux on ads page. Anyway their paypal account is about 3 month old so again be very careful with your invests.

If anyone have some experience (good or bad) with this site then help us and post comment about it.




5 comments to R4bux (R4bux.com) – legit or scam review

  • robert  says:

    Yes many are scam and there are those who open ptc sites making people wait over 7 days to be paid if they don’t have money to pay all members best to close the site and declare it scam there are legit sites that pay instant those are trusted sites for me because they have money to pay members and not make them wait.

  • jo  says:

    and by ojooo

  • Jo  says:

    I’m scammed by payadoo!

  • Zelcovit  says:

    R4bux made 4 payments in the last 10 days, close fzclick paying all members with a balance above $ 1.50. All Chaters members were not paid.
    The Chaters as I have been saying are several PTCs turn scam, would be great for us admins a blacklist with the names of these Chaters. They come rob you and if you do not pay put in all it’s blog that you are scams.

    Greetings congratulations on your work, and you are following me, so I follow your blog.

    thank you

    • max  says:

      Yes there are cheaters a lot on PTC but there are PTC that scam people to. If you have any specific info to share just post here please, thank you.

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