PTCExpress Scam? Review

PTCExpress Scam? Review since April 2015

EDIT: One month after they start, PTCexpress got account suspended page on browser and they are not longer online! Sometimes they are online and sometimes we have “suspended page” displayed so we can take risk with this site.  Our suspicious came true, if you invest go fast and file a dispute!

PTCexpress review

You probably ask yourself about is PTCExpress Scam? Well keep reading and find out.

First of all  PTCExpress is just launched and no one can know for sure how long it will last. We can only suggest based on our experience in PTC industry that this site can last for about 4-6 months.

If you are long in PTC you can see to many similarities with zapbux, fusebux, kayads, probux etc. So PTCExpress can last from 4 months to two years before it turned into a scam site.

If you are willing to invest then forget PTCexpress! Usually all who invest fast have profit but not on this site, your AVG here will be arount 0.5 as standard member so you can figure yourself that you will only loose money!

We also found proof that this site and other from probux family are connected:

PTCexpress conected with kayads

As you can see in TOS this site just copy paste TOS from kayads and they change something but not all for kayads TOS.

If you even try to invest then play smart and fast and best thing is to use Paypal as processor.

We was also invest here some small amount of money and we only have looses. So as we promise we inform you about our progress on  PTCExpress.


Other basic info about  PTCExpress:

– promotional free golden membership for 3 days and 1$ in PB balance

– instant payment

– processors: PP, PZ, PM

– minimum for cashout 5$

– high paying click rate 1 cent for standard and 2 cent for golden

– 80$ need for upgrade to golden

– 7 days period between withdraw

– upgrade commission from DR for standard and golden

– 10% from DR as standard and 50% as golden from viewing ads


So at end we can suggest you after some small investment that you will waste money if you invest in PTCexpress. Most of RR are totally inactive and you can’t even turn back your investment even after whole month. So save you money and pass through PTCexpress like they never see light of the day!

If you already invest then go file a dispute to recover your money.

Thanks for reading and Happy earning to all!


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