How to win Paypal Payza dispute against scam PTC websites?

How to win Paypal Payza dispute against scam PTC websites?

How to win a transaction dispute on Payza and Paypal against scam PTC websites?

Well to be honest it’s not easy at all. You need to follow some steps how to write dispute so Paypal or Payza will accept it and back money on your account.

You can just go and start cry or anything like that, you must act professional and provide them true information.

Before you do anything you need to know that you can open dispute only in 45 calendar days of particular payment. If 45 days past already you can’t do anything,even if you statement is valid, and you lost your money already. So be careful with your investment in PTC websites and keep eye on current situation like changing rules and TOS, or changing type of payment (was instant for example and changed to delayed or manual).

As far as we know 45 business days for applying dispute are for both Payza and Paypal processors.

First go to resolution center as i mark on this picture:

paypal resolution centre Choose specific transaction and file a report.

Just one more thing before you file a dispute on paypal or payza, you can do it only if:

– you did not reach your investment on PTC site

– you find that PTC site is on black list

– you can not withdraw your money form main balance

– you’ve been banned for no valid reason

– admin change TOS or rules so you was unable to reach your money as you can before

After file a report admin of PTC website have right to answer and to find a compromise with you or to prove that he is right and you claim nonsenses. He have limited time for that and it is 5 days, so in case that he didn’t answer to your report your chances is 100% to win dispute.

If you two can’t find solution then Paypal or Payza take things in their hands and choose who is right.

If you fill dispute according to our advice you have good chances to win.

Go step by step:

– Click on payment you have made and at bottom you will see “otherwise you can file a report at resolution center…” and click on “resolution center

– Select “Item dispute” and after that “I have a problem with an item I purchased

– Select “I haven receive my item

– Select “Service” and you need to make clarify what is wrong

– Clarify your problem kindly and professional

So how to do last step? In last step you need to explain situation, but explaining situation is not begging like:

They stole my money” or “Please help me they scam me for xxx$

Good way to do that is to provide all information like in this example:

“Dear Payza, Paypal support,

 The xxxx-xxxx-xxxx (reference number of item you purchase) i purchase at (your website) tracked with the following ID xx-xx-xxxx.

 As the delay quoted in Terms of service is over while service is not provided at all and as i stay with no news from the seller after several try’s to contact him, I must ask you to take the required actions.

 I’m looking forward to hearing from you,

 best regards”

So after you file such a ticket you can only wait that Paypal or Payza solve your problem.

You can also use Facebook to send complaint on Paypal/Payza Facebook page. We believe that is faster way then email.

If you do so, that care where you post complain. Do not post that in Paypal comment box, the good way is to contact “customer service” named “Adam” and he will favor you even though your disputes is on intangible item.

Wish you best, EPB


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