PaidVerts ( is it legit or scam?

PaidVerts ( is it legit or scam?

PaidVerts @ since March 2014

paiverts site

EDIT: See our latest cashout from Paidverts 389$ on Neteller Read More HereSo even if Paidverts have dept swap they are still reliable and paying site. We still keep working there and for now after last swap we are satisfied with our BAP group and ads we get. Our daily pure earning is 1$ just from ads.

Is PaidVerts scam or legit? Well we do some basic research and after our experience we can say that Paidvert is legit.

PaidVerts is half year old PTC site, launched at March 31, 2014 and owner do not hide his identity. PaidVerts pay till now and we also get paid several times so we can recommend to you to join this site.


– Site Launched:  March 31, 2014
– Owner:  Jo Cook  also this is the same owner of
– Payment Processors Payza, PayPal, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, WesternUnion, & BankWire
– Daily earnings: Variable and depend of BAP (some kind of points) You can get BAP for advertizing and for viewing Daily BAP ads 8×25BAP ads. If you do that you vill have daily 0.04$ + earning minimum
– There is no DR Limit
– Minimum withdraw is $2 (paypal) – $1 (PM) – $1 (PZ) – $10 (STP & EP) – $250 Bankwire & Western Union
– Manual cashout up to 7 days

– No need to wait between withdraws at all, you can do it every day if you have money!

–  Script: Unique

– Upgrades: You have some kind of upgrade but it last for about week and with upgrade you can receive up to 50$ AD!


Last Update was in October: Site is paying and payments are going out daily.  Some minor changes were made.

The captcha that you need to copy paste no longer requires you to that. Now you can just click the white page icon and it will automatically fill field. After viewing ad you need to rewrite capcha on ad page to confirm that you watch it.

What are BAP -s and how to increase BAP?

BAP is consumed by every paid ad you receive. That’s its purpose.

You require a minimum of 1600 BAP in order to receive our higher value “daily ad issues”. Prior to that, the only paid cash ads you will receive will be random low value ads, and your “Micro Ad” pack ads, that you can request from your Paid Ads page.
You’ll keep receiving paid ads daily until all your BAP is consumed.
Every 1 BAP you have will deliver $0.0005 worth of ads as soon as they’re available.
Top your BAP up to earn more.

Tips to earn more BAP:

1. Accumulate as much BAP as possible. The more you have the higher value ads your account will start to receive. For some perspective, to receive paid ads of $1+ with any frequency, you’re going to need at least 50-100k BAP. The primary way to do that is by viewing your daily BAP ads: Paid Ads

2. Buy Bulk ads. For every $1 spent, you’ll get 50 visits to your website and 3100 BAP. That will deliver $1.55 worth of paid ads to your account ASAP: Buy Ads

3. Try buying the $0.05 recycler pro upgrade from your My Account page. That will deliver $1 worth of ads to your account very quickly – usually within 72hours.

4. Buy our Super User upgrade, to gain priority receiving the 10x 1% value ads that are created each time a new ad campaign is purchased

So now you realize that the more money you spend on your advertisements, them more views you will get for your site and the more BAP’s you will accumulate. At the end you will get more valuable ads to view and you will earn for about 50% of your purchase.

BAP groups TABLE and ADS/BAP points value

Here is last table of BAP groups so you can see what exactly you can get wit some amount of BAP’s

BAP GroupRequired BAP’sAVG BONUS earnings per day

This is BONUS not your regular

earnings without ugrade

0 0 to 1599 0
1 1600 to 12000 0.04
2 12000 to 24000 0.07
324k to 48k 0.16
448k to 96k 0.25
596k to 180k 0.38
6 180k to 360k 0.6
7360k to 720k 0.85
8  720k to 1.5m 1.3
91.5m to 3m 3.5
10 3m to 6m 7.42
11 6m to 20m 13
1220m+ 34
13 50m+ 80
14 100m+ 200

EDIT: We got paid again! It is out 4th cashout from PaidVerts, here is proof:

Paidverts paid againThank you Jo!

17 comments to PaidVerts ( is it legit or scam?

  • buy ptc referrals  says:

    Neobux sounds like a horrible waste of time!

  • hamam  says:

    Hello guys.
    I joined Clikrev. This is a website like Paidverts or Digadz, but with lower revenue share.
    Paidverts have a 155% revenue, Digadz have 150% and Clikrev have 140%.

    This is how it works…

    It is turn 5$ to 7$

    When u buy the adpack, you’ll earn small amounts over the day, depending on the website sales.
    And you have the right to click 6 ad’s daily to increase the amount that you earn.

    If you have more packs, your clicks will worth more money as well.

    I bought an Adpack 5$.
    Received $0.3 within 1 daiy Its going pretty good.

    Minimum cashout lowered to only $2
    you will earn 10% from each referral purchase plus 5% for each referral click

  • Sachin  says:

    I am using paidverts from months but its very difficult make a lot money wiyhout any investment..Because to get 1$ you have to click more than hundre ads (if you are lucky) each of 30 Seconds with lot of copy paste things so,it will cost more than 2-3 hours just to make 1-2 $ initialy so if you invest good otherwise its difficult..But recently came across this crowdsoursing site which give mini jobs from which we can earn about 10-20 $.. So it helped me lot to invest that money in paidverts to get some constant high amount ads now with higher bap group.If anybody wants to invest but have no money try this site you can make enough money in a week to inest in paidverts to get good high value ads..

  • TheZombieQueen  says:

    hello, i have been searching every where to see if this website is legit or not, the info goes back and forth, i want to take a chance on it, i was thinking of investing 8 dollars in it, but i’m kinda afraid i’ll get scammed, can some one help put my mind at ease?

    • max  says:

      Don’t be afraid to invest in this site. First of all 8$ is not big money and not big investment at all.
      Second thing is that there is no better site for investing at this moment. On PV you will have best chance to return your money and earn after that.
      I was invest about 25$ in this site before 5 months and until now I withdraw about 170$. It is 150$ pure profit and on my account I have 3000 shares and 180000 BAP points worth 230$ in total!
      For me PV is best thing ever happened in paid to click industry.
      This is friendly advice and I do not even give you my ref link. Use banner from this site (I use it for myself) because thanks to eliteptcbusiness site I hear for Paidverts and make some extra money.

      • TheZombieQueen  says:

        I decided to invest before i even got your comment lolz, i figured whats 8 dollars if i could really make a little extra money, and if I don’t its just 8 dollars, not a super big loss, thank you so much for your reply though! 🙂

  • Arnab  says:

    Join Under My Referral Link and I will help you to earn more from the site:

  • Asad  says:

    I have signed up a few days ago and have more than 400 BAPs in my account.

    While logging in to my account, sometimes captcha prevents me to enter my account. Why is this happening?

    Recently I’ve noticed that, the site is deducting $0.001-$0.002/day from my account. As far I know, the site will deduct 100 BAPs/day as tax and a certain amount of BAPs for providing Paid Ads. But why the site is deducting dollars from my balance? Is there any policy of deducting balance?
    If any, Please inform me by email or reply.

    • EPBadmin  says:

      If you sure that you loose any penny then send ticket to PV support. You can’t loose money on that way, you can only loose 100 BAPs as daily taxes.

      • Asad  says:

        How and where can I get ticket?

        • EPBadmin  says:

          Go at bottom right and you have “contact us” button.

  • jovan  says:

    Site is to slow!

  • saqib  says:

    How this site is good and highly paying site, without investment.
    If you dont invest you can not get more than 100 BAPs daily and so you cannot earn more than 0.05$.
    Even if you invest at the site then you will only get BAPs points not the Ads. They do not assure you of the Ads delivery.
    Moreover you will have to work double unlike other sites, First you will have to see activation Ads to get BAPs and then you will have to see the Ads. so you have to work two times.

    Every Site has plus points and negative points. But the most serious flaw in this site is the deduction of 100BAPs daily. Its totally unfair. They give you total 0f 200 BAPs (8 Activation Ads) from which they deduct 100 BAPs ( 50%) as a tax . It means they give you only 100 BAPs daily not 200 BAPs. And 100 BAPs means you can get 0.05$ worth paid ads. It means , if you Dont invest any thing you can only earn a maximum of 0.05$. And its also not guaranteed. But if you invest by to get More BAPs these will also be subjected to 100 BAPs tax daily. Quite clearly it unfair and
    illegel and unjust. They should onlly deduct BAPs when they deliver Paid Ad

    You can try this site and earn 60$ a month by completing daily 20 minutes task

    • EPBadmin  says:

      Hi saqib and thank you for comment.
      Many new members have same questions just like you, and many of them do not know what exactly they need to do to get more money and expensive ads.
      So here is the catch:
      – you get every day 8 × 25 BAP’s which is 200 BAP’s
      – worth of 1 BAP is 0.0005$ so you get every day 200 BAP’s or 10 cents and that is best value that any other PTC give to you as standard member
      – you can use 50 BAP’s to buy 1 ad pack each day and you get value of 2.5 cents ads
      – you get 2 guaranteed ad pack every day so you can get 5 cents ads every day if you purchase those ad packs
      – after you watch 2 ads packs and get 5 cents you still have 100 BAP’s more and for them you can get random ads until that day is over
      – if you do not get ads for that 100 BAP’s you will accumulate BAP for another day and you can get more valuable random ads depends of how much BAP’s you have
      – you can also avoid o spend BAP for ads pack and only accumulate for more valuable random ads
      There are also many guide videos on youtube so you can watch them. From our experience this site is much better that any other PTC sites and believe us or not we have accumulate 100k BAP’s and we got pure earning from 1$-1.5$ every day.
      All you need is patience when you start working here and accumulate BAP’s and when you build account you will earn much more then on other sites.
      We did all of this with no investment at all, but if we withdraw money now we will prolong progress on PV.
      For example now we can cashout 20$ but we will use them to accumulate more BAP’s and go to 6 BAP group to get more valuable ads. After that we will start to accumulate money on balance to withdraw and take care to stay in 6 group.
      Method is simple, if we get 3$ ads today we will pay about 6000BAP’s for them so we will back to system 2$ and buy advertisements + 2×3100BAP’s to cover BAP’s we loose. At end we will earn 1$ and we will advertise any link we want. It is win-win combination.

  • EPBadmin  says:

    If you ask for PaidVerts then for now site is OK and we got several cashouts from them.
    For now there is no need to doubt about them because they use unique system to make money and they share info on forum about everything including money flow. The info is daily updated.

  • Asim Shehzad  says:

    Sir, I want to know about this site is fake or good. Kindly give me reply, please.

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