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Toxads pay us on paypal!

EDIT: Toxads goes to scam and we won dispute on paypal against them!

Well this post is just to inform you that we got paid by Toxads on paypal!

Our cashout was not big, only few bucks, but we wanna test Toxbux and we got our payment.

Here is our prof of payment from paypal email:

toxads pay us

So play smart for now and use paypal if you can. There is a lot misunderstanding things about DR and RR comission but when we calculate all of our samll investment we have profit about 40% at end.

Help us with joining in our downline and we keep inform you about our progress.

Happy earnings to all!

[wpexitpage url=”http://trafficmonsoon.com/?ref=maxwc3″]


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Repobux and Firstbux are Scams

scam epb

We just want to inform you all that Repobux didn’t pay us so we stop promote them and Firstbux is not longer online.

If you invest on these sites go and file a dispute and if you have money and you didn’t invest then just spend money on advertising.

We also doubt that crisclix will pay us but we will continue to work until we reach minimum for testing.

Happy earnings!

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Toxads Scam? Toxads.com Review

Toxads.com since May 2015

Last and final EDIT: Toxads goes to scam and we successfully  won dispute against them on paypal! 

EDIT: We got our 1st payment from Toxads, Read more here!

toxads review

There is (again) one more site Toxads that offer Neteller as payment processor. This site remind us on Probux, fusebux,zapbux and we also think that there is same admin or group behind Toxads.com.

If you ask “Is Toxads Scam?” Well we doubt that Toxads will have some major problems in first four months.

So, basic info about Toxads is:

– Instant Payment (for upgraded only)
– SSL Transaction security
– Referral Contest System 4.0v
– Unique Script
– Payment processors: PayPal,  Payza , Neteller, Perfect Money
– Per ref click great DR commission  0.005 for standards
– Minimum for cashout 4$


Be careful w...

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Inadbux is scam!

scam epb

Well Inadbux (inadbux.com) is definitely Scam! Site is no longer visible on internet and there is only blank page if you type Inadbux.com in your browser so we remove this site from “new PTC” list.

We was suspecting that inadbux is scam but we test a lot of sites and there was no problem to spend time on inadbux to.

There is alo rumors and claims that Crisclix is also scam site. We saw several complains on forums about Crisclix to so beware of investing money in that site!

Same story is for Repobux.com, they already stop payments for some king of processors migration and admin says that payments will start at 18 May so lets see cos we wait for one to.

Suspicious sites are Firstbux.com and PTCexpress.com and we think that they are connected with same admin...

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Useclix pay us once more 25$

EDIT: We will use this topic for all future payments from Useclix.com. So if you are interested you can view all our cashouts here, just scroll bottom to the end.

As we predicted Useclix grow into great website. We got our second pament in about 6 hours from our request so here is prof of our payment on Paypal:

useclix pament no2

We also add some info in review about useclix and there is some interesting staff that you should read about them so visit page on Useclix review.

One more, our 3rd cashout from Useclix 30$ and here is prof:

useclix 3rd cashout

Another cashout, 4th from useclix:

useclix 4th cashout

Thanks for reading and happy earning online!

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Profitmania Scam or Legit? Profitmania.com Review

Profitmania.com since May 2015

EDIT: Profitmania is offline and no longer exists!

profitmania review

You ask yourself is Profitmania scam or legit site and to be honest nobody can tell you that at this moment. But there is some signs that can tell you how long this site will run.

Profitmania is nicely looking website and run smoothly. Also profitmania owner claim that they are registered company and that is a plus of course if it is true. The ads on profitmania are “force view” protected so you must view ads if you wanna get credit from them and for advertisers this is one more argument to spend money on ads here.

Earning average is not bad and for now you can make about 3 cents as standard member on profitmania.com.

Like any new site you have some promotion running right now.

We join on profitmania and ...

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R4bux pay us instantly!

Great news folks, R4bux pay us instantly on our paypal account.

r4bux new front pic

We did not invest anything here, to be honest we was not expecting to get paid neither but when we saw money on our paypal we was satisfied with instant service.

We move R4bux to “currently paying” list and we continue to monitor them and to work there.

Here is out prof of payment and if you decide to start to work on R4bux just join through banner:

r4bux pay us in few minutes

Keep reading us and happy earnings to all!

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Clix4u Scam? clix4u.com review

Clix4u since May 2015

clix4u review

Well new site clix4u.com is just launched and you ask yourself is clix4u scam or legit? Well what we found is that this site have some connection with buxvertise. Maybe this two sites are not connected and maybe this is just some kind of copy paste of TOS from buxvertise but if you read tos you can find name of buxvertise in clix4u TOS.

We usually register and test all sites that we write about but for some reason we couldn’t register on clix4u. We try to change browser and to change user/pass but every time we get message “invalid token”? And there is nothing to fulfill?!

Anyway we will try same thing tomorrow and since we didn’t registered yet we can’t see other account info about upgrades, ref earnings, own click value etc...

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PTCExpress Scam? PTCExpress.net Review

PTCExpress.net since April 2015

EDIT: One month after they start, PTCexpress got account suspended page on browser and they are not longer online! Sometimes they are online and sometimes we have “suspended page” displayed so we can take risk with this site.  Our suspicious came true, if you invest go fast and file a dispute!

PTCexpress review

You probably ask yourself about is PTCExpress Scam? Well keep reading and find out.

First of all  PTCExpress is just launched and no one can know for sure how long it will last. We can only suggest based on our experience in PTC industry that this site can last for about 4-6 months.

If you are long in PTC you can see to many similarities with zapbux, fusebux, kayads, probux etc. So PTCExpress can last from 4 months to two years before it turned into a scam site.

If ...

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Clixsense pay us once more almost 500$!

There is nothing new except this is a bit bigger cashout and as we have no doubts we got cash! Clixsense pay us once more 478.31$!

So here is screenshoot for new members to give them some motivation:

cspaypal cashout

As you can see that is almost 500$ in single cashout so don’t just give up when you start and see only 1 penny worth ads. For this business you need some time and strategy to get some members in downline and to do whatever you can tasks, offers etc and you simply cant loose.

When we started to work on CS we was disappointed because there was no ref to rent and we didn’t see full potential of clixsense on start but after we realize that clixsense is one of the best sites to make money online we work hard to get results.

Now as you can see we make good money on clixsense and we enjoy doing t...

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