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Ulmons (Ulmons.com) Scam or Legit?

Ulmons since December 2015

EDIT: Ulmons suddenly disappeared from internet, we will check link in next few weeks and if site come back on line we let you know.

ulmons review

Well we have one more PTC site that have register company info and full owner name John Alpert. Owner claim that site is a part of

ULMONS CO,. LTD (#09896573)

so it is good to have some clue about site and we hope that this site will last long enough to recover your potential investments.

ULMONS CO,. LTD is a legal investment company incorporated in the United Kingdom with companies house in London.
Ulmons is created with the members and advertisers as the main focus, superb customer service and an easy to use flexible environment.


You can withdraw your funds...

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Littlebux (littlebux.com) scam or legit?

Littlebux since September 2015

littlebux review

Well we have here one promising site Littlebux so on first fast look we can tell you that you should not miss this one.

We will test this site and we already cr8 our account for that and good thing is that site request confirmation email through registration process.

Another promising thing is that Littlebux site seems to pay users on time according to their forum and other sites where we search for info.

When you do register nd serch for your own personal link you’ll see that you have two types of ref links, one regular and one encrypted like you have on Neobux for example.

Who is lookup says this:

Registrar: NAME.COM, INC.
Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 625
Whois Server: whois.name.com
Referral URL: http://www.name.com
Name Serve...

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FB and G+ like box pop up widget

FB and G+ like box pop up widget (part 2)

After you copy paste code for g+ and facebook pop up widget you need to do some small changes.  Firs find what I bold in code and replace with your own iframe you get from your FB accout and you see what I bold for g+ profile so you must change that link with your g+ link.

g+ fb like box

That is all what you need to change to have your own like box for both profiles.

If you didn’t read first part of this article you can do it by pressing this link FB and G+ like box for your site or blog

You can also change CSS of box but for that you need to have CSS skills and if you haven’t then better leave it that way. Changing CSS without knowledge can result with complete malfunction of script...

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FB and G+ like box for your site or blog

Facebook and Google+ like box widget script

Well I search a lot to get some simple and easily managed like box script that I can put as a widget or gadget on my blog to get more FB and G+ likes.

So I get some code that I modified a bit to have both G+ and Facebook likes in one pop up box.

At first when I found this like box code it was only written for facebook so after some changes I insert google plus code and s you see from my pop up like box you can like both profiles.

g+ fb like box

If you work under wordpress and blogger you just create new widget on sidebar as html text and just copy paste this code:


ColorBox Core Style:
The following CSS is consistent between example themes and should not be altered.
#colorbox, #cboxOverlay, #cboxWrapper{position:absolute; top:0; left:0; z-i...

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Adfiver scam? Adfiver review

Adfiver since 16 October 2015

EDIT: Adfiver having problems with payments, read more HERE

It is nice to see one more PTC site that offer Neteller as payment option, here is Adfiver!

adfiver review

Adfiver uses custom script and interface is Neobux-like. Admin claim that site operate with legal company “ADFIVER INTERNATIONAL SERVICES LLC ”

EDIT: During our registration we noticed that there is no need to verify your email to cr8 account! That is very unprofessional and that also mean that everyone can use someone’s email to create account. So imagine that you try to register and you get info that other user use that email!? Same thing you could do on Fusebux and Zapbux so we have one more similarity.

We check domain info and we can see that in registration:

Domain Name: ADFIVER.COM
Registry Domain ID: 1...

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Useclix.net scam? Review

Useclix.net since 22 October 2015

Well as you see here we have one mirror copy of Useclix named Useclix.net.

When we say mirror copy we think on those sites that trying to look like other site with design, not with interface. That is what we don’t like and usually these sites are nothing more than scams.

useclix.net review

Useclix.net is Registered On October 22  2015 and this domain expiring date is set for  year.

If you remember there was many mirror copies in past and ALL of those sites ends as scams so we are 100% sure that this one is scam to.

There is no point to do detailed review of this site, you can be sure that almost everything is same as in Useclix.

Only differences are in links, no option for Neteller and bad CSS design on all other pages except on main page.

Some of you maybe think that thi...

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UltiBux Scam? UltiBux.com review

Ultibux since November 2 2015

FINAL EDIT 30.01.2016: Admin close Ultibux with explanation, read more http://wp.me/p4tgDW-m7HERE

EDIT: Paypal stop provide service to Ultibux read more HERE

ultibux new homepage

“We are pleased to announce that today UltiBux.com is online, and the site will be launched in the beta phase for few weeks. We have started this project about a year ago. Please read on to learn more about us and our online service.” – words of admin when site was launched at 6:40 2 November 2015.

So we have now one more copy of Neobux, and to tell the truth this site don’t look so bad. We will join to Ultibux for testing and to inform you in future about situation so we ask you for help by join under our referral banner in this post.

This site have potential to grow and something here remain us on Prob...

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Usefriends.com new social network

Again we have more good news from Useclix our favorite PTC site in 2015. First news is that we got some good discounts on memberships and renewals and best news is that they launch their own social network Usefriends.com!

Here is screenshoot from forum post:

useclix news

For Ultimate membership we think that admin made mistake (but we hope he didn’t) and this with social network is just great. We hope that admin will bring more good news like this in future.

Look new Social network page:

usefriends social network



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EpicBux Scam? Epicbux.com Review

EpicBux since September 12, 2015

Well here is new paid to click site called Epicbux. You wanna know how trusted this site is and after we look around about some basic info we can tell you that Epicbux can last more than other scams.

epicbux review

If you look on FAQ or help page you can find info about earnings from RR and you can see that commissions are really low. As standard user with no upgrade you can get only 1% commission from RR. That can be increased with investing in some membership but only to 10%.

This is sister site of EpicClix and they claim that they are registered company.

Some basic info:

Launched September 12, 2015
Script : Zeus & Nten
Click up to : $ 0,005 – $ 0,0025
Refral click up to : max 10% of click value
Available Ads per Day : +-20 view ads
Minimum for Payout : $ 2 USD

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Comeclix scam? Comeclix.com review

Comeclix.com since October 28 2015

comeclix scam legit

You ask yourself is Comeclix scam site or scam in the making? Well this site have funny design or better to tell childish design and we do not recommend you to spend your time and money here. This site is not worth our time neither to write detailed review and as you see we don’t do that, we only give you basic short info.

If you look at registrant page you find that this domain Comeclix.com is registered only for one year and owner hide all info about himself. Here is pic about:

comeclix reg info2 comeclix reg info

You can clearly see that email and other info is protected and there is no company info so this site if another fake and scam in making.

And I can’t imagine that admin don’t know that he can’t put google ads on PTC site 😀

Basic info about  Comeclix:

– promotional: none

– i...

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