Oxybux (oxybux.com) Scam or Legit? - Review

Oxybux (oxybux.com) Scam or Legit? – Review

EDIT: Site is scam! When you come near minimum for withdraw they just raise limit to one dollar more etc.
oxybux review

Well this is some short review of Oxybux because it is very new site and for now we keep an eye on and add to our watch list.

Oxybux (with new admin) was launched in November 2014 and site runs on Evolution script and domain is created 24.09.2014

Here is some basic info:

– Your click Up to 0.01$

– Ref. Click Up to 0.01$ or if you work on Neobux it is just like there for standards

– Min cashout $3

– Processors:  Paypal, Bitcoin, PM, Egopay & Payza

– Withdraw time frame: 3 to 7 days depends of your membership, for standards it is 7 days

So not many of you knows that Oxybux was online before this November to with another admin who already scam some people. After that site was sold or given to new admin that start business again.

What is truth nobody knows for sure and all of this was in 2010.

Who open site with same name in 2014 we cant know for sure but who knows maybe it is same admin.

For now site looks good and you have 5 ads worth 1 cent which is good for standard members to fast progress and build account.

Here is picture that shows some info about Oxybux.com domain:

oxybux domain info

Here is also a table about membership information and upgrade costs:

oxybux table

Fell free to comment about this site if you find more information.

8 comments to Oxybux (oxybux.com) Scam or Legit? – Review

  • cristian  says:

    Oxybux.com suspends account to request for money.
    eliminated chat by country, does not payments.
    transaction payments FAKE CHECK FORUM
    TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!


  • milos  says:

    Total scam, I file dispute against them!

  • info bisnis ptc  says:

    it’s ptc like as probux

    • sammy  says:

      you’re right, the design looks like probux

  • erika  says:

    The site looks like scam Probux.It will be the same scammer.

  • erika  says:

    This site looks like Probux scam. It is very suspicious.

  • onlinebiz  says:

    have you try for withdraw?
    give me a payment proof..

    • EPBadmin  says:

      No we did not try?! Site is new how do you think that we can withdraw so fast?

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