Ojooo (wad.ojoo.com) is scam or legit? luebeck557

Ojooo (wad.ojoo.com) is scam or legit? luebeck557

Well is Ojooo (wad.ojoo.com) legit or scam?

wad.ojooo scam

Well it take long to decide and write this post about Ojooo. We are very disappointed in Ojooo because we was one of those believers that this will be one of the best PTC website, even better then Clixsense and Neobux.

Why we believe in Ojooo? Answer is simple, this site have unique script and behind them stays name of real company Ojooo.com which is German  mail service. They also improve anti-cheat system that no one can use bots or computer programs to view advertisements.

No need to mention that it looks unique to and works perfect.

But we all face same problem:

After most of us withdraw our first cashout, in time that was according the TOS,  we start to build our accounts and load some money to get referrals but when we try another cashout we never get it.

Site management inform us that we will get payed in 40-45 business days (about 2 moths) but after half year we get nothing.

First sign is that they change rules about withdraw to 40-45 business days because that period override dispute period for Paypal and Payza processors. But we was still believe in Ojooo.

Second sign is fake payment proves and selective payments. So people who work with them can cashout money and you never get nothing. There have also so called fake users who post 5th, 10th payment with standard accounts and they only come to forum for posting “prove” but you never see them on any conversation on forum.

And finally we reveal answer on question “Who is luebeck557?”

Luebeck557 mystery man

Yeah not many of us notice that there is Ojooo advertisement every day on Neobux, Clixsense, Probux and few more most visited PTC websites.

Lets calculate 1 day for daily exposure, fixed ad and sticky ad on these three websites cost about 200$. That is 6000$ monthly cost! So who the hell spend so much money to advertise Ojooo?

Keep reading because we investigate some time and find possible answer on this question.

We look for this user on many forums and other PTC sites but we never find any post of him. We also see that he win many contest for buying ads but we never see him he post to claim prize (and that he must do to get prize). So we face at dead end every time we try to find who is he or she.

But one day when one of us decide to go on vacation and search over internet for some hotels he accidentally find some hotel in city of  Lübeck (luebeck) in Germany and since wad.Ojooo is from same county he figure it out what is going on.

So user luebeck557 is not regular user like we are, it is wad.Ojooo that advertise themselves with money they took from you.

Mystery solved, there is no other reasonable answer on this.

Anyway since other websites that do reviews stay reserved about wad.ojooo, we wanna notice that ojoo mail service and wad.ojoo are not same company anymore. They split on four companies as far as we know so nobody can suit them for money. Excuse us you basically can but since they out from money you can back nothing from them.

Thanks for reading, share this over internet.
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14 comments to Ojooo (wad.ojoo.com) is scam or legit? luebeck557

  • I doubt  says:

    Quite a lot of fake image proofs in their forum then, but believe what you want I’m fine with that 🙂 Every cent they don’t need to pay to you they can pay to others 🙂

  • I doubt  says:

    sorry for not answering earlier, but you asked for recent payments? latest one from nov 13th, which is actually 2 days ago:

    Other recent payments:
    nov 4th, nov 3rd, oct 22nd, and so on

    • EPBadmin  says:

      Hah man nice one. Why you waste time to make fake image as prove?
      Are you Bisken mod on Ojooo? If you are then it is OK I already say that Ojooo pay only mods and admins ad some random users here and there 😀
      http://wad.ojooo.com/forum/view_topic.php?cat=2&id=19572&p=120 explain me how there are thousands of Ojooo users yelled “I didn’t get my payment half year” is this topic on Ojooo forum?
      Do I need to say anything more?

  • I doubt  says:

    Poor article with poor conclusions, sorry to have to say that. There are more big players in the PTC world earning in silence. According to a search on Ojooo forum for that luebeck, he joined Ojooo 9 months after the site has been launched, he’s a member like anyone else, has earned and got paid a fair amount of money and now is waiting for his payouts like lots of others.
    (And btw, I also got paid a fair amount on Ojooo, and I’ll stay a bit longer.)

    • EPBadmin  says:

      Well I admit, you make my weekend 🙂
      I wish you many cashouts from any PTC site specially from Ojooo if you can.
      I’m sorry if you do not like our article but all of this is true and I personally do not care about them for a long time ago.
      We are not alone in claim that ojooo scam people, you can find thousands of users around internet that claim same. So it is 1000:1 (the one is you for now) that ojoo is scam so?
      Lets say that we are wrong as you think, can you post us some of your latest payments from ojooo?

      • dav  says:

        I’m sorry but I will have to agree with “I doubt”. just because the user luebeck557 is from Germany (which he is, you can find that on Ojooo forum, no need for other searches) does not mean at all that he is part of Ojooo team. He could just be a heavy promoter and normal member like all of us. In that part your review does not have any concrete proof.
        And hey, I’m German too, and that does not mean I’m part of Ojooo.

        As you asked for some payment proof, I actually got paid twice this month (one was pending for 4/5month and the second was only 1 day), later today I’ll upload them for you to see.


        • EPBadmin  says:

          We all share our experience.
          So after all doubts what is overall experience of Ojoo members? Maybe,time to time, one of them get paid and hundreds who doesn’t.
          About that nick “luebeck” we have no doubts at all. They promote themselfs with that nick on many sites.
          If you think that he can be a regular user like rest of us then tell me why that “user” never join in some conversation on any forum or post some stats anywhere?
          Or how normal is that he heavy promote Ojooo and never ask or talk with anyone about Ojooo on any website/forum?
          Or how he spend so much money on some sites that he practically win advertisers contest and never claim for prize? Of course if “he” wanna prize he must post on that topic but “he” never post because “he” do not wanna to show any info about “himself”.
          So that is normal to? Maybe for you but it’s OK you have right to speak here whatever you wanna, we are not like Ojooo to delete post that we do not like 😛

          • dav  says:

            Of course yes on that part you are right. Ojooo does have several complaints on them, that is true. I’m not stating or giving guarantees that everyone is going to get paid. That’s not the point of what I said!

            Now what I this is unfair is you attacking somebody that could or could not be a member of that site. Some member don’t like to give info about themselves, and that’s their right. About the fact is that member is or is not claiming prizes, I can’t find any proof, I’ve searched a bit and all I could find was some prize given on Ojoooclix (Scam site) and somewhere else, but could not access the forum.

            Now, the same way you are asking me reasons why the user never joins conversations in any forum, I ask you this: What are your proofs he is indeed part of Ojooo team (Since you have no doubts at all)???

            As far as I’m concerned:
            – I’m in the PTC industry since 4 years, and never joined forum conversations under my PTC nickname
            – I’m German (Nürmberg, but could be Lübeck)

            So under your criteria, this would mean I’m Luebeck557!!

            All I’m saying is don’t make assumptions with lack of information (which you haven’t proven yet to have any info supporting your assumption) because you could be offending someone!!! Do a proper research, so you are sure of your statements when you do them!!


          • EPBadmin  says:

            We do not attack anyone, we only write about scamers and about the way they do it.
            You ask: “As far as I’m concerned:
            – I’m in the PTC industry since 4 years, and never joined forum conversations under my PTC nickname
            – I’m German (Nürmberg, but could be Lübeck)

            So under your criteria, this would mean I’m Luebeck557!!”
            The answer is NO. We do not judge about lubeck557 only because he is from Germany. That nickname also can not be prof that he is, anyone can cr8 that kind of nickname. It was only last piece in puzzle.
            We search for anything about this user for about 2-3 months and we could not find anything. We also did not realize that this nickname have anything with Germany at all.
            It is simply:
            – This nick invest a lot of money for advertize Ojoo and he do this every day since Ojoo is in PTC so try to calculate number if he invest about 3000$ monthly.
            – No info about him at all on internet
            – Not a single payment from Ojooo and we was monitoring Ojooo every day for about 3 months to see do this user withdraw money. He never withdraw anything.
            – On some sites that he advertize Ojoo he win some money prizes and he never post in particular topic to get that prize.
            – He continue to promote Ojoo at same tempo even after many forums and users start to talk that Ojoo is scam site and that they never get paid.
            So after all you still believe that he could be normal user who do not have anything with Ojoo staff?
            Will you ever invest that money in Ojoo after all you can find on internet about them even if you have to much money?
            Well we know that rich people are not to stupid to make such a mistakes if it was a mistake at first place.

        • Boris  says:

          @Dav You must be really dumb to realize that this is not normal behavior for some regular user.
          I never see or read about user who invest that much money in PTC site that all forums and most users mark as scam.
          And you ask for prove? You are really funny.
          Only way that Luebeck557 is not part of Ojoo team is if he is retarded milionare who somehow see site and fall in love with 😀

  • jenny  says:

    I also encounter this problem, at first Im so happy to recieve my 1st income but when I cash out for the 2nd time this is when the problem start up to this time they not paying me and I think your right it was just their strategy and this is was a one of the scam site,

    • EPBadmin  says:

      I just wanna stop people to invest money there and that is the main reason of writing this article. If you wanna my advice try to make money with Clearbux, you have review of this site here and banner is in “paying ptc sites”

  • Mark  says:

    Yes i notice to that they advertise themselves with that luebeck nick on all PTC websites.
    I also loose about 350$ and i write this for all who wanna invest. TOTAL SCAM!

  • Jovan  says:

    Thanks for info. This seems to be true.

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