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Nerdbux ( is a scam site

nerdbux scamWe usually don’t bother to spent time posting about scam websites but for this one we will for several reasons.

This post is for all new members who don’t know what was nerdbux before and what they do now, and at the end what they will do in future.

Nerdbux was launched by company and if you click on link you will see also who run that company with their headman Jon Olson. Be sure to remember everyone form that page and also remember websites they manage now. Of course do not join these websites, it is pure waste of your time.

Nerdbux become scam when he was still under Timtech. They ban people without valid reason, for posting truth about them or for argument with them on forum. After they sell many cheap advertises and Upgrade packages to members they just start to pay selective. Also payment was so called “at server time limited” but truth was that they buying time so members who buy upgrade or ads cant send dispute ticket to Paypal.  After few more months Timtech just “sell” website to another known scammer Jeffrey Johnson.

The truth is that Jeffrey Johnson work with them from beginning and cooperate with them with attend to scam as mush people as they can. And they did scam many users. I personally can’t believe that nobody suit them.

Under so called new owner JJ this website become a joke. Changing rules over night and rising cash out minimum was like some spoiled child driving a car.

So remember all of them and avoid everything that they do!


3 comments to Nerdbux ( is a scam site

  • nalence  says:

    Agree with you EPB

  • Jovan  says:

    They scam me for 200$, timtech and JJ do that together and they run away with no consequences! Than you for keep truth about them!

  • dusan  says:

    Total scam, remember what this post say about them!

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