Neobux Tips for Beginners

Neobux Tips for Beginners

Neobux tips

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Ok you complete registration on Neobux but what now?

What exactly you need to do to make money on Neobux?

Here is some Neobux tips that help you make money on Neobux so easily and you don’t even need to be on site whole day or check for advertisements to show up.

First of all you need to instal ADALERT toolbar. Why?

Adalert helps you to get maximum of ads per day. How?

Imagine that you do not even open Neobux page and you do some work on internet or just surf like you do every day. When advertisement show up on Neobux you get sound alert from toolbar so you just open site and view ad and close window. That is all time you spend and still you make money from Neobux.

So let see how to instal adalert toolbar.

Open Neobux website and login.  Scroll to the botom of page and in right corner you will see Adalert button like on this picture:

Click on button and you get this page:

Now you just choose your browser icon and start download adalert. After you download and install adalert click on your username (near your main balance) and you will open thi page with your statistic:

Now click on personal and open page where you can modify settings:

Choose sound, retype password and save settings.

After you set everything restart your browser and you are done with adalert.

Now the main thig that you have to do everyday is to view 4 orange ads! Why? Beacause you will not get credit from any of your direct or rented referrals if you do not click.

Neobux care about members activity so that is rule NO1. Just pick time when you are able to view ads every day and log to site do the job about 4 orange ads and you are done.

What else? View all advertisements to get more money and more NEOPOINTS.

For each ad you view you get 0.001$ and one NEOPOINT and 3 ADPRIZE chances.

With neopoints you can extend your rented referral or even buy golden membership (30000NP).

View all ADPRIZE chances to win some of great prizes on neobux. When you get adprize chances you will se like on this picture:

Playing adprize you may win golden membership, 50$,25$,10$,5$,2$,1$,0.5$,0.25$, 10000NP,1000NP,100NP,10NP.

Every hour neobux give through adprize about 1500$ to members and me myself win some of them every other day.

Look some of adprize i win already:



That is all for now i write more articles soon and help you to get best from Neobux. If you still not register just click banner at top of this post.

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