Monetize your content with ShareASale

Monetize your content with ShareASale

 Make money with ShareASale

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ShareASale is one of most popular affiliate  marketing service where you can join as affiliate or as a merchant for free and use for making money.  ShareASale have more than 3000 merchants to offer for their affiliates so this is great way for blog/site owners to monetize their web content. This is also good alternative program for all who quit google adsense and they offer good commission per click and also per registered merchant or affiliate.

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I personally use this service instead adsence for several reasons and main reason is that adsense don’t allow PPC/PTR or any make money blogs so I have no choice than search for alternative program and in my opinion ShareASale is one of best that I can find.

ShareASale offer great reporting features as today’s stats, transaction detail, reversal and revenue report, activity summary,  and ShareASale allows a user to generate customized reports to display desired information.

It is really “ease of use”, registration process is quick and easy and also when you log in you will see really simple and clear interface. You’ll need to provide some basing info such as mail address and website URL where you wanna promote banners or text links. After we registered on ShareASale and enter all info we get our code next day. Great and simple navigate trough site make us really comfortable and you can see all stats in real time with only one click of your mouse.

Search for merchants can be a bit difficult but since there are more than 3000 merchants system allow you to sort max 7 merchants per day with detailed info about sale commission, lead commission, hit commission etc. You can search for merchant through main base and categories or directly by entering name or specific merchant number.

Help and support is another great option on ShareASale site. You can get help by viewing FAQ and most common questions and answers or directly by submitting ticket and phone!

Our experience with ShareASale is great and we recommend you to try this service. There is many different merchants that you can chose for your site and pick only those who are similar with your site content.

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