Linxpays Scam? review

Linxpays Scam? review since February 2015

EDIT: From end of May 2015 Linxpays established Paypal as payment processor. Now you can safely invest money  in Linxpays.

linxpay review

Is linxpays scam or legit site? Well it is hard to tell for now, site is just launched and have no paypal but have all other processors.

Another great news, we have one more PTC site with neteller and your clicks are in euros. So for now we have read on forum from trusted members that they do cashout from but only catch is that you must be upgraded member to do withdrawal.

That is not to bad since you can purchase upgrade from your main balance and you don’t need to invest your own money to build your account and withdraw money from

One more good thing is that your earning per day as standard member is almost 10 eurocents so you can earn fast.

There is ten different types of memberships and cheapest is only 7€ per year. also offer good commissions from your DR or RR and since this site is on BUX script and have Neteller as payment option we decide to recommend this site to you and to start this program and invest some money in it.

Many members don’t prefer PTC with BUX script but we do because bux script is not developed to have bots or other scam tools and we feel more secure to invest in site with bux script than in site with Evo script.

So join this site and help us to test, we will keep inform you about our progress.

Other basic info:

– 0.02 up to 1$ per own click

– up to 15 cents from DR click

– up to 1 cent from RR click

– cheap upgrade 7€ for 1st membership type

– Low cashout minimum 5$ down to 1$

– Neteller, Skrill, Bitcouin, STP, PM, OK pay and Payza processors

– BUX script

– Manual payments

So that is all for now and we back to edit this post after we get more news. Happy earnings!


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