Kayads (kayads.com) Scam or Legit - Review

Kayads (kayads.com) Scam or Legit – Review

Kayads @ since Nov 23 2014

EDIT: Kayads gone to scam and soon will be history so dont waste time there anymore

kayads review

Well Kayads is very new PTC site launched yesterday 23.11.2014 and site already have 10k members for just few days.

KayAds is a brand new ptc website with a unique script. KayAds is a registered company which is running it’s business in Switzerland!

For now we noticed that they do not offer PP for now but there is Neteller and Payza for payments. Admin also claim that they will be add PP after 2014 and they do not wanna take risk with PP at beginning.

As old PTC clicker I notice that this site design and structure have many similarities with fusebux and zapbux, plus there is a Neteller as payment processor and there is not much PTC sites that use Neteller.

Neteller is good sign to potential investors because it is not quite easy to get business Neteller account and I think that Neteller request much more info than Paypal or Payza for merchants.

Who created Kayads?
Kayads is a system developed in partnership with the IT staff. The registered company composed by Information Technology team is responsible for the site and its official records are located in Switzerland. The system is currently hosted on two powerful dedicated servers, one for web application and another for the database. This will ensure the speed, scalability and system security. In addition the system has McAfee secure, cloudflare protection, optimized firewall and ssl service. The script and design are unique and were fully developed by their Information Technology team.

Site also have official FB and Twitter page:


If you was familiar with Probux,Fusebux or Zapbux then you know already how this site works and what are rules and prices.

For new PTC clickers here is more info:

– Earn $0.01 per click.
– Earn Up To $0.01 per ref click.
– Minimum payout – $4
– Instant Cashouts
– processors: Payza,EgoPay,Neteller and soon PP

Upgrades prices:

Currently you have 5% discount as start promotion.

kayads upgrades

If you wanna invest with less risk then you should do that now, we keep you informed.

Here is our first cashout proof of 20$ instant payment:

kayads 1st payment For now everything work fine, we keep you informed in future.


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