InstaBux ( - Is it a legit or Scam?

InstaBux ( – Is it a legit or Scam?

instabux scam

Another site that we wont use and this is just to save your money so shortly: “Is Instabux Scam?” – Yes it is!

We will not use this website because it seems that it is same admin who run Boostfin. Some say it is the same owner of TapBux and WattBux, however some people ask them same thing on forum and they just delete post.

Deleting such a post instead of answering is good sign for us to put that website in scam list.

So we tell you now Instabux is scam, don’t waste you money and your time.

However here is some basic info for a case that you will waste your time:

– Launched: June 4, 2014

– Processors: PayPal

– 250 Direct Referral Limit

– Daily AVG: $0.02

– Min Cashout: $2

– Cashout time: instant


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