How to get direct referrals for any website?

How to get direct referrals for any website?

The secrets about getting direct referrals for free

There are many ways in obtaining referrals. Here i will share some methods that I typically use for making traffic for my website and get direct referrals. I actually have already get some referrals doing this methodology and I still doing this day after day to induce a lot of within the future.

How to get direct referrals

Important Tips – Spend some time to create a website or blog!

Create blog at, or the other free services if you’re can’t afford or not prepared nonetheless to shop for your own domain but, it’s suggested to shop for your own or a customized web site. When making your web site, you’ll begin adding some content sort of a list of your favorite PTC SITES with a banner in every and ensure you incorporate the mandatory data like some lines of their payout, quantity of ads they show and publish, rate of referrals and membership. You’ll mess around with some cool widgets if you would like. Free traffic can step by step build your website and you’ll see referrals returning in from your referral link within the banner you revealed on your web page eventually.

Important Tips – Advertise

Advertise your referral link on alternative PTC sites. You’ll be able to choose paid Advertising at low cost or a free one on traffic exchange sites like on Advertise only on PTC sites with over 20000 members and get basic credits with over 5000 clicks in one go. I usually advertise on Clixsense, Neobux and ProBux because form my experience I get best result advertising on those three websites.

Important Tips – produce a traffic through Traffic exchange websites!

One of the simplest effective methods in obtaining referrals is thru traffic exchange. There is many of traffic exchange sites that you just can choose to be part of. From all of them i will recommend you the best one (speaking for myself) and it is Easyhits4you. On Easyhits4you, you do not only surf for your visitors, you also get paid for every site you visit. So for example, after you surf 3000 websites you get 3000 visitors for your site and you get 1$ reward. Sounds good? Yes, that is why i vote for Easyhits4you.
Registration is free and you can join follow this link

For more detailed info about easyhits4u visit easyhit4u review

Important Tips – Post your link on forums for free

So you just need to register on some PTC forums that made only for link sharing and link exchange, like emoneyspace for example, and you can ask members for link exchange or link downline building etc.

It is free and it is made for you so go register  for free and share anything you have for share 🙂


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