FB and G+ like box pop up widget

FB and G+ like box pop up widget

FB and G+ like box pop up widget (part 2)

After you copy paste code for g+ and facebook pop up widget you need to do some small changes.  Firs find what I bold in code and replace with your own iframe you get from your FB accout and you see what I bold for g+ profile so you must change that link with your g+ link.

g+ fb like box

That is all what you need to change to have your own like box for both profiles.

If you didn’t read first part of this article you can do it by pressing this link FB and G+ like box for your site or blog

You can also change CSS of box but for that you need to have CSS skills and if you haven’t then better leave it that way. Changing CSS without knowledge can result with complete malfunction of script.  So do that on your own risk but however you can always copy paste code again in widget meny.

This script work fine with wordpress as you see on my WP site and I tested it to on blogger successfully.

If you have troubles to import this script fell free to leave a comment here so I can help you.

You can remove any profile just by erasing part of code for G+ or whole iframe for FB account.

You can also modified some text that you see in pop up box, just look around in code it is not to hard to change that.

Great thing is that this pop up like box really works. People are to lazy to like your share buttons by clicking them on site but if you put it on their nose they will click just to find what they search for.

Remember that you must have facebook and G+ pages for your site first before you implement this script. I do not advice you to do this on your personal profiles.

See you in next article.



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