Easyhits4u is it scam or legit? Full review

Easyhits4u is it scam or legit? Full review

So is Easyhits4u scam or legit?

easyhit4u review

The Best Traffic Exchange

Easyhits4u is website where users get visitors to their websites by visiting websites from other users. Another words it’s site for traffic exchange. But that is not all, you can do many things except exchange traffic. Easyhits4u offers text ad advertising, banner advertising, connection with other users and also message system for contact between users. If you don’t wanna exchange traffic you can simply purchase clicks and get visitors to, and prices are really at low cost.

Since there is hundreds of traffic exchange websites why is Easyhits4u so special?

Well I personally try many of them and most of other programs offer 1 visitor to your link for each 2 websites that you visit or simply 1:2 ratio. Easyhits4u deliver 1:1 ratio and that is not just word on paper that is 100% true visits. I test easyhits4u with many analytic programs and I always get what I pay or exchange for.
I tell you this because there is many exchange websites that not deliver you visitor as they clam for. Some of them show you in stats page that you receive 100 visitors (for example) but the fact is that you get about 60-70% of that number. In other words they make fool of you.
So OK, you can have 1:1 exchange and that is still not all, you also get credit for each visit you made! Sound to good to be true? Well I didn’t believe until I get my fist payment from this excellent site!
When you surf pages at EasyHits4u, you have to stay for 20 seconds on page, which is a good for everyone. The longer that you have to stay at a site, the more likely you are to notice things about it that might pique your interest. This goes for visitors to your website as well.
You get for each visit 0.0003$ and 1 credit for your site, simply amazing and that is why Easyhits4u is top 1 of all others exchange websites. Maybe 0.0003$ is to low for you but there is no other site that offer you 1:1 ratio and pay you for that. So you get your visitors and build your website stats and you collect some money over time.
Easyhits4u also offer referral program and you will get 0.1$ for every user you bring to this website when he surf 100 pages.
It’s still not all 🙂 I know what you thinking now “what the hell can be more that this already?” Well easyhits4u have a prize system, and for every 25 websites you visit you can claim for prize. Prizes are great, you can win up to 10$ and up too 5000 banner or text ad impressions.
There are two membership levels to EasyHits4u, the free level and the paid level. This is normal for traffic exchange programs, and some of them offer more than two. The paid level costs 7.95$ per month, and you can get a slight discount if you pay quarterly, every 6 months or yearly. With paid membership you get more benefits, such as better exposure for your websites.
As far as traffic exchange goes, Easyhits4u build fairly good reputation. Traffic exchangers and advertisers are satisfied with this website and many crackers try to develop some program that will auto click for them but they failed. Easyhits4u is secure website and don’t  waste time and try to cheat them, you will just get ban.
Play fair and use potential of this program, either you need traffic or you try to make money.


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  • PunchForce  says:

    Thanks very much for your input! Really appreciate! I am blogger who writes reviews like you too! Feel free to drop by if you want to guest blog. Check out the best reviews on EasyHits4U

  • Natalie  says:

    But I wonder if these things effect you negatively in the search engines? Even if it’s not, it’s people doing the same thing so it would most likely just be empty traffic?

    • EPBadmin  says:

      Not really, this traffic is useful if you just start to promote your site or blog. It is like you promote real business with visit cards. When you build audience later you will not need to promote site with this method.

  • How to get direct referrals for any website?  says:

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