DigAdz (DigAdz.com) Scam or legit - Review

DigAdz (DigAdz.com) Scam or legit – Review

EDIT: We will not promote this site and we will remove Digadz from out list! Site don’t offer any income from ads and we have pending our last payment more than one month. Don’t waste your time anymore on Digadz!

digadz prelaunch

Yesterday I got mail from my friend where he suggest me to join DigAdz program and to write review on my page. So I did some short and fast investigate and I’ll share with you.
Digadz is a new revenue share website and site is currently in prelaunch with more than 13000 members already and that is unseen for this king of program.
Well you wonder who is behind this site and that is not secret to. Owner and admin of Digadz is same owner of Adbonuz BeeJay.
Digadz is a “Revenue Share” program. By purchasing AdPack, you drive quality visitors to your site or business meanwhile you qualify for some cash-back and potentially great profit over time.
Sounds like Paid Verts? Well we notice that to. Scrip of this site is unique but its look like they copy PV system.
So here is basic:
– 150% Revenue Share.
– All member start earning with free member or Start at $1 +
-Earn revenue sharing up to 150% ROI Return
– Affiliate Commission 10% for every sell ads and services
– Earn 5% every your referral earn bonuses
– Unlimited Earning bonuses Form ads
– More useful tools and Rewards
– Payment processors: PayPal, Solid Trust Pay, Perfect Money, EgoPay
– admin Beejay

Also you have official FB and Twitter page:

One week after prelaunch DigAdz have more than 13000 members. Many of you ask yourself: How can I earn at DigAdz?
As we know for know by purchasing a $1 AdPack, you’ll receive advertising credits and qualify for a revenue sharing up to 150% ROi.
Or simply your 1$ AdPack will earn you $1.5 back. (That’s why we say that it is Paid Verts concept).
Time frame is unknown for now but we think it will be PV likely and you’ll get 10% commission for every purchase from your 1st LEVEL DR and 5% from every advertisement they watch.
Admin Beejay estimated that beta period should last for about two weeks. So hurry up and take your sit!


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