Deyads scam? Review

Deyads scam? Review

deyads review

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Well these site come one over another day after day. Now we have Deyads, one more site in a row from kayads, pexads, fuse and zap family.

So if you are newbie in PTC you should search i top right field for those sites and read what we write about them cos it is same story that you will see with Deyads. In short answer, Deyads is scam and will last for about 4-6 months.

You can see same design, method, intro post from admin and half ads with same links as on all previous sites.

So what we suggest to you to do with this one? It  is simply, you go register and start clicking until they pay and they usually will pay first 3-4 months. Get DR as many as you can and you can even rent fast from start about 100-200 RR so you can back money fast.

After you back your starting investment then just withdraw every single payment you can and don’t fall in trap that this one will last more, that won’t happened.

We will test this site also and we will invest as we suggest to you to do, so help us to test and join Deyads through our banner.

Some basic info:

– Earn up to $0.02 per click
– Earn up to %50 ref click
– Upgrade same like on rest of sites

– Average Daily Earnings: $0.05+
– Advertisement Click rate: $0.001+
– Instant Payment
– Minimum Payout: $4
– Payment processors: PayPal, Payza, EgoPay or Perfect Money

Share your opinion and happy earnings!


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