How to complete CrowdFlower Tasks and MiniJobs

How to complete CrowdFlower Tasks and MiniJobs

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What is CrowdFlower?

CrowdFlower is one of leading company that provides micro tasks and jobs all over the world. Crowdflower clients are websites, organizations, and companies and Crowdflower act as middleman between you (as worker) and them. Crowdflower duty is to distribute jobs into small parts (tasks and minijobs) to users. Tasks and minijobs usually contain set of test questions to complete and you need to pass them before you get chance to continue to work and to get paid for. Crowdflower offer variety of different tasks like sentiment analysis, explicit content moderation, find URL in search engine, transcribing data, finding errors on websites etc. but to get start to work you need to be registered.

How CrowdFlower Tasks works?

Crowdflower has a system through they ensure quality work to customers. CF devised a procedure for workers to get trained and tested before they start to work.

Always first task for any task is quiz mode. In quiz mode they know all answers off questions and they test how much you understood the instructions. There is minimum accuracy required to complete a job and if you pass the quiz mode you can start to work on with accuracy you get on test mode.

In work mode there is always some of questions that CF still use to test your quality, so be careful and do quality job. With good work you can raise you accuracy in work mode to maximum 100%.

Why you need to be registered on CrowdFlower and what that means to you?

When I say to be registered that means to register on Crowdflower site not only on PTC site that provide you CF tasks. So if you are member of Neobux or Clixsense and you try to do tasks you will see (for some jobs) info page of Crowdflower that ask you to do registration. So you need just to follow link and complete registration.

As registered user you will get some skill tests  over time  (passing them brings you higher pay jobs) and you will get rewards and skill badges for your work measured with your skills and quality.

Since April 2015 to log in CF dashboard and to work on task you must have valid Facebook account! If you don’t use or have FB account then you must create one.

I do not have tasks and minijobs to do WHY?

You are not given all tasks from start (sometime you have none of them in list)  because Crowdflower staff wanna to be sure that you are capable to work for them. That’s why CF have a system of performance badges. There are three level badges you can earn with your skills.

First badge you can get when you complete five different jobs and 100 questions with at least 70% overall accuracy.

After you get familiar with jobs and with more practice you can raise your accuracy and when you get up to 85% you get all three level badges.

Getting all three level badges allows you to work on all online jobs available on crowdflower.

Getting Badges at list Level 1

Some people start to work on crowdflower and give up without achieving any badge.

As you read in previous paragraph crowdflower want to make sure that you are capable and skilled to work for them. So keep in mind that the questions at the beginning are most difficult, time consuming and less paid. But in the beginning you need to achieve badge not money. It took some time to get level one badge and after that you get others pretty fast. Read carefully the instruction and do task to get good accuracy. When you get badges you will have access to all jobs and you can pick only better pay jobs to do.


Hardest thing is to get level 1 badge and that requires patience because in the beginning you get small amount of jobs that bring you small earning for time you spend on. But only way to get to Level 1 badge is to do them. Work on them whenever you get time even if they 1 penny worth.

Acquiring Level 1 badge is first milestone you need to pass and then you will start getting real online income annd higher pay jobs.

Believe me or not you can make more than 10$ per hour on some jobs and funniest thing is that they are not nearly difficult compared to those you do without any Badge.

EPB mini jobs


At end always take care of your accuracy because you accuracy dictates the work given to you. Good accuracy open doors  to full spectre of CF jobs.

I suggest you to do tasks through Neobux or Clixsense for two reasons:
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– this two sites give you more money for tasks that all others

– everyone from all over the world can join Neobux and Clixsense for free and make money with zero investments
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So heat your sit and start work!


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