Comeclix scam? review

Comeclix scam? review since October 28 2015

comeclix scam legit

You ask yourself is Comeclix scam site or scam in the making? Well this site have funny design or better to tell childish design and we do not recommend you to spend your time and money here. This site is not worth our time neither to write detailed review and as you see we don’t do that, we only give you basic short info.

If you look at registrant page you find that this domain is registered only for one year and owner hide all info about himself. Here is pic about:

comeclix reg info2 comeclix reg info

You can clearly see that email and other info is protected and there is no company info so this site if another fake and scam in making.

And I can’t imagine that admin don’t know that he can’t put google ads on PTC site 😀

Basic info about  Comeclix:

– promotional: none

– instant payment: Yes according to FAQ

– processors: PP, Bitcoin, PM

– minimum for cashout: no minimum

– high paying click rate 1 cent for standard and 2 cent for golden

– 7 days period between withdraw

– upgrade commission from DR for standard and golden

– 10% from DR as standard and 50% as golden from viewing ads


So at end we can suggest you after some small investment that you will waste money if you invest in Comeclix . We will never invest here so save you money and pass through  Comeclix like they never see light of the day!

If you already invest then go file a dispute to recover your money.

Thanks for reading and Happy earning to all!


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