Secret Revealed - Clixsense Neobux Direct Referrals In 1 Day!

Secret Revealed – Clixsense Neobux Direct Referrals In 1 Day!


clixsense DR from eliteptcbusiness Many Neobux users don’t even try to get direct referrals and only focus on rented referrals. This is a big mistake because you are only using part of Neobux potential.

Many of you think that getting Neobux direct referrals costs a lot of money, which is true if you advertise on other sites, but there are many ways to get direct referrals cheap or even free.

Direct referrals are crucial to the success of your online business. Rented referrals will make you money, but you also need direct referrals – people who join under you and make you money over and over.

When I First Joined Neobux, Clixsense and other known and legit PTC sites i realize fast that real money is in direct referrals

I got 100s of active direct referrals Fast—and I’m going to show you how you can do the same. This works with any PTC  site. Most of the Paid to Click sites works on same method and if you wanna make real big money you must get direct referrals .

neobux DR from eliteptcbusiness

I will reveal few FREE Marketing tricks and methods that Works. And you should try this FREE methods instead of throwing money away  – YOU WILL GET SAME OR EVEN BETTER RESULT AT END!

When you advertise on another PTC site your ad will be shown to more than 1000 users but you will get one or maybe few direct referrals probably inactive.  To get active referrals you need to have a website or blog and describe how this business works. Only on that way you will get active user as your direct referral.

Creating your blog is easy, you can join Blogger or WordPress and add some payment proofs  with referral links. Make sure you explain everything well about any site you write about and DON’T PROMISE IMPOSSIBLE THINGS to your readers! Be honest and tell them what they can expect and how they can make money on Neobux or Clixsense.

Add some bombastic words like FREE earning opportunity , Guaranteed Work, Free To Join, No Money To Get Started…and FREE Money! Use These Words And You Are Guaranteed To Get Fast Clixsense, Neobux Referrals In 24 Hours or Less! Here is example that I use… FREE MONEY GUARANTEED! You still don’t Believe Me?

So enough of talk, lets share methods how I work:

– I already have site – YOU can create blog it is FREE

– I already share my referral link’s to my friends – YOU can do the same it is  FREE

– I use traffic exchange sites like EASYHITS4U.COM – YOU can do the same it is FREE

Traffic exchange i very simple for use to get referrals. All you have to do is register on website and start surfing to get credits. With credits you earn are used to promote your referral links. TE is easy to use but you must be prepare to surf a lot and to have patience to build downline at this way. This is long term work.

And at the end I will share with you my final best way to get direct referrals – downline builder AND YOU can do the same it is FREE!

Method is simple, you join under someones link through banner below and after you do that post your username in comment with info where you are join and what is your username on that site.

Add your referral link in comment and next day your banner will be on page ready for next user.

Since THIS IS FREE method simple TRY IT. Here is next five banners and you can use all of them, for each banner you use you will get slot for your banner tomorrow:


WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

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