Clixbery Scam or not? (

Clixbery Scam or not? (

Clixbery since March 2015

EDIT: Clixbery Scam! Site from a repeat scammer. Same owner of, zonclix, ojooclix,  grandclix,net , fuseclix , bitcoin-bux,  zapclik and many more.  Dont waste your time with this.

clixbery review

Since you visit this article you wonder is Clixbery scam or not? Well after my registration on this site I was surprised by lot of one cent ads and half cent ads to. My daily earning, for now, is about 10 cents for 10 minutes of work with any referral under my account and this is fantastic if they have attend to pay users.

Of course I don’t even expect to be paid and I get scammed from many PTC sites that offer same daily earnings for standard members without referrals. Anyway I have time to test this site and I will and I be glade if you help me to test cashouts fast and join under my link (by clicking banner above).

Later I notice that I have this high value ads because admin give special promotion for next 3 days and anyone who join will get golden membership for 3 days and 0.5$ in purchase balance.

Since site is very new I will edit this post for any news and for now here is some basic info about Clixbery:

– script: Evo

– your click: up to 1 cent

– you ref click: up to 2 cent, 25% for standard membership

– special: If you join in next 2 days you get 0.5$ in your purchase balance and golden membership last for 3 days

– withdraw minimum: only 1$ which is good for fast test and you need about 10 days to test site with no refs

– withdraw time frame: up to 7 days depend of membership type (for standards it is 7 days)

– types of membership: five

– minimum refs for rent: 25 for 5$

– for standards ref scale: 100DR and 200RR

– processors: payza, paypal, egopay and skrill(for purchase only)

Maybe you see that name have some similarity with buxberry but we can’t found any prove to connect them so we believe that admin of Clixbery just wanna some attention and that is main reason why he have “bery” in name.

At end I suggest you to give a try here because you don’t need to much time for 1st cashout and you have nothing to loose here excep some time. Take this bonus and test this site with me, happy earnings!

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  • nalence  says:

    I think that this site will last at list 4 months and you are right he looks like buxwon, not design but environment is similar.

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