Clix4u Scam? review

Clix4u Scam? review

Clix4u since May 2015

clix4u review

Well new site is just launched and you ask yourself is clix4u scam or legit? Well what we found is that this site have some connection with buxvertise. Maybe this two sites are not connected and maybe this is just some kind of copy paste of TOS from buxvertise but if you read tos you can find name of buxvertise in clix4u TOS.

We usually register and test all sites that we write about but for some reason we couldn’t register on clix4u. We try to change browser and to change user/pass but every time we get message “invalid token”? And there is nothing to fulfill?!

Anyway we will try same thing tomorrow and since we didn’t registered yet we can’t see other account info about upgrades, ref earnings, own click value etc. For now after this short review here is screen shoot from TOS of clix4u where  they mention buxvertise:

clix4u connected to buxvertise

We heard that clix4u offer free 1$ in PB for fastest members and few days of free golden so if you can’t wait to join under our link go to clix4u and register if you can. Any comment about clix4u is welcomed .

EDIT: We finally register at Clix4u and site have familiar look as buxvertise. We also get 1$ in purchase balance as singup bonus and 60 days of free golden membership. So hurry up and get your bonus cos only first 5000 can get this bonus.

What we don’t like is cheap ads, even with golden we have only 2 pennies worth ads and only 2 ads worth 1 cent. For standards, according to upgrade page, you will have 1 penny per click. Other things like earning from referrals are same as on buxvertise.

Since we have bad experience with renting on buxvertise we will avoid to invest on clix4u to.

Happy earnings from your home!


2 comments to Clix4u Scam? review

  • William Brant  says:

    Hi I am the new owner of clix4u and I can see why this would have previously been classified as a scam site. I am working on clearing out the backlog of unpaid requests and support tickets. Would love the opportunity to prove to you that site is now running as it should and making payments.

    • maxwc3  says:

      We’ll be glad to prove that your site is legit. However do not expect that we will write positive review about clix4u during our test.

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