Clearbux ( scam or not? - review

Clearbux ( scam or not? – review

Clearbux @ since 2014

EDIT: SITE IS CLOSED SINCE 8.10.2014 with bad excuses like he did already after problems with paypal. First he changing server and after few hours he blame hosting company for data loose ! The truth is that he come near to some big withdrawals and that is main reason that he lie to you and shut down site.

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OK, you wonder about Clearbux and do this site deserve your money and your time?

We did small review and we share to all some basic info about this site.
Clearbux is very new site launched at 3rd June 2014 so for now we can’t advise you to invest but in other hand it is always good to invest some small amount of money at start. In most cases you will back your investment fast if you invest at beginning of some particular PTC website.
So, as you can do in most of PTC, here you can earn money by:
– watching ADS up to 0.02 per click for standards
– playing Ad Grid (up to 5$ prize)
– complete sign up offers
– doing Mini jobs
– renting RR
– invite friends or promoting your link and you get 0.1$ (or 100 points) per sing up

Also there is 4 levels of upgrades (Bronze, Silver, Golden, and Diamond) and site have option to buy referral directly from website for 2$ per RR.
Limits for standadr members are 100 DR and 200 RR.

As new site they have discount in June for upgrading account:

-Bronze $21.00 instead of 30.00$
-Silver $33.60 instead of 48.00$
-Golden $52.50 instead of 75.00$
-Diamond $665.00 instead of 950.00$

Other basic:
– site use evolution script
– payout minimum is 4$
– daily click avg about 7 cents
– processors Paypal/Payza

We also notice that site have low advertise prices and self sponsored ads which is not good and mostly ended with becoming scam in future. That is OK for start and that is known behavior for most new PTC websites. So we hope that site will grow to stable PTC and we also noticed that they claim to not sell bots as RR’s.

Fell free to share your experience  and post comment about it. We will update this post if we noticed major changing in site rules.

EDIT 25.09.12014:

clear statement As you see this message (we print only because they can remove it at any time) owner claim that he “maybe” reopen site. So he did not say that he will for sure and he ask everyone who open dispute on paypal/payza to CLOSE DISPUTE so he will let you work again on site and HE WILL CLEAR ALL YOUR BALANCES TO ZERO!!!

Be aware of this because if you close dispute once you can never reopen dispute again for same case. So we personally think that he wanna fool all of you and run away with your money.

It is childish to act like this, one day change rules for memberships next day for Points and next just close site with no warning or even talk on forum about “problems”. And suddenly after many disputes in progress he wanna reopen!?

Don’t let anyone to foll you again, go disputes and take your money back. Forget this site forever, we warn you!

EDIT: 28.09.2014

Site is back again but admin reset all balances and paypal is not available anymore! We continue to monitor this site again!


13 comments to Clearbux ( scam or not? – review

  • Sasho Nikolovski  says:

    When i commented about how they erase all “accounts,and didn’t pay me,check what they send me today:


    It’s really strange your post in our forum.

    1. You entered Clearbux and without clicking on Ads you place just your first bad post in the forum, it’s really not honest.

    2. You don’t know anything about Clearbux so you can’t judge us and you can’t say that we are marked as a scam (this your opinion only).

    3. All our Payments are done 100% there isn’t any any member without payment and even with this problem we’ll continue to make withdrawals without stop.

    4. You can check our forum all our members are happy (a little frustared the last 2 days about problems caused by PayPal) otherwise all goes well.

    5. You don’t cooperation you just try to Kill Clearbux like PayPal, but we’ll do the impossible to keep Clearbux forever.

    We have suspended your account becauseyou don’t come for clicks and we have PPTTTCCC (Paid to Click).

    Thank you for your comprehension.

    He he he,they pay to anyone,with erasing their accounts.I guess you know,that they suspend my account.
    As i search for this one owner is – Lakhdari Mohamed from France.For the record,just to know who scammed you.

  • clearbuxscam  says:

    I try dispute on Payza but he already empty all money from account so Payza specialist told me that my claim is justified but there is no money for refund to my account!
    Admin plain this and he just make fool of us! Scammer!!!!

  • yuhido  says:

    Yes they scam me and close site!!! And after i try dispute admin blame me that I am not honest.

  • jehoya  says:

    Hey they Close site WTF???

    • EPBadmin  says:

      Yes they shut down and they also provide prof that paypal block their account.

  • way2earnonline  says:

    My Comment Is Deleted i M said Clearbux Site is Not Opening from 2 Days, Why?

    • EPBadmin  says:

      Your comment is not deleted from here or if it is then it was by mistake (we have a lot of spam posts), clearbux currently have issues with web server but site is still online. Try several times to log in or even try another browser.

  • roni  says:

    This is so great site, i got instant withdraw and i cant believe it. Also it works fine now since they change server.

  • ZXrgrom  says:

    Site pay me instant once but it is to slow on load last to days!

  • Max  says:

    Here is my 2nd prove also instant.

  • Max  says:

    I got instant payment from this site on Payza account, i post my prof of payment on clearbux here

  • natasa  says:

    Well i doubt that this one last more then 3 months.

  • duki  says:

    This is great opportunity to make money on this site. I hope it last at least for a year!

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