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FB and G+ like box pop up widget

FB and G+ like box pop up widget (part 2)

After you copy paste code for g+ and facebook pop up widget you need to do some small changes.  Firs find what I bold in code and replace with your own iframe you get from your FB accout and you see what I bold for g+ profile so you must change that link with your g+ link.

g+ fb like box

That is all what you need to change to have your own like box for both profiles.

If you didn’t read first part of this article you can do it by pressing this link FB and G+ like box for your site or blog

You can also change CSS of box but for that you need to have CSS skills and if you haven’t then better leave it that way. Changing CSS without knowledge can result with complete malfunction of script...

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FB and G+ like box for your site or blog

Facebook and Google+ like box widget script

Well I search a lot to get some simple and easily managed like box script that I can put as a widget or gadget on my blog to get more FB and G+ likes.

So I get some code that I modified a bit to have both G+ and Facebook likes in one pop up box.

At first when I found this like box code it was only written for facebook so after some changes I insert google plus code and s you see from my pop up like box you can like both profiles.

g+ fb like box

If you work under wordpress and blogger you just create new widget on sidebar as html text and just copy paste this code:


ColorBox Core Style:
The following CSS is consistent between example themes and should not be altered.
#colorbox, #cboxOverlay, #cboxWrapper{position:absolute; top:0; left:0; z-i...

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Monetize your content with ShareASale

 Make money with ShareASale

shareasale site

ShareASale is one of most popular affiliate  marketing service where you can join as affiliate or as a merchant for free and use for making money.  ShareASale have more than 3000 merchants to offer for their affiliates so this is great way for blog/site owners to monetize their web content. This is also good alternative program for all who quit google adsense and they offer good commission per click and also per registered merchant or affiliate.

Visit ShareASale

I personally use this service instead adsence for several reasons and main reason is that adsense don’t allow PPC/PTR or any make money blogs so I have no choice than search for alternative program and in my opinion ShareASale is one of best that I can find.

ShareASale offer great reporting features as today’s stats...

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Submitting a comment lead me to 404 error on WP site?

404 on WP

Well this post don’t have to much with the main purpose of this site but i just wanna help to people who face this problem like i do in past.

When i create this WP website i got problem when users try to post comment on page and after they submit my site show them 404 error page.

404 error on WP site is so unprofessional for me so i search internet to find a solution but there was no good explanation of this problem.

I spend hours of searching before I finally solve this problem and solution is very easy, at list it was in my case.

I share my solution with all of you and if that help you just share over internet and help to others like i do with this post.


First log in into your admin panel of your WP site and go to “Settings” > “Discussion” and there look for “Other comment set...

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