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Repobux and Firstbux are Scams

scam epb

We just want to inform you all that Repobux didn’t pay us so we stop promote them and Firstbux is not longer online.

If you invest on these sites go and file a dispute and if you have money and you didn’t invest then just spend money on advertising.

We also doubt that crisclix will pay us but we will continue to work until we reach minimum for testing.

Happy earnings!

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Inadbux is scam!

scam epb

Well Inadbux ( is definitely Scam! Site is no longer visible on internet and there is only blank page if you type in your browser so we remove this site from “new PTC” list.

We was suspecting that inadbux is scam but we test a lot of sites and there was no problem to spend time on inadbux to.

There is alo rumors and claims that Crisclix is also scam site. We saw several complains on forums about Crisclix to so beware of investing money in that site!

Same story is for, they already stop payments for some king of processors migration and admin says that payments will start at 18 May so lets see cos we wait for one to.

Suspicious sites are and and we think that they are connected with same admin...

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Useclix pay us once more 25$

EDIT: We will use this topic for all future payments from So if you are interested you can view all our cashouts here, just scroll bottom to the end.

As we predicted Useclix grow into great website. We got our second pament in about 6 hours from our request so here is prof of our payment on Paypal:

useclix pament no2

We also add some info in review about useclix and there is some interesting staff that you should read about them so visit page on Useclix review.

One more, our 3rd cashout from Useclix 30$ and here is prof:

useclix 3rd cashout

Another cashout, 4th from useclix:

useclix 4th cashout

Thanks for reading and happy earning online!

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R4bux pay us instantly!

Great news folks, R4bux pay us instantly on our paypal account.

r4bux new front pic

We did not invest anything here, to be honest we was not expecting to get paid neither but when we saw money on our paypal we was satisfied with instant service.

We move R4bux to “currently paying” list and we continue to monitor them and to work there.

Here is out prof of payment and if you decide to start to work on R4bux just join through banner:

r4bux pay us in few minutes

Keep reading us and happy earnings to all!

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Clixsense pay us once more almost 500$!

There is nothing new except this is a bit bigger cashout and as we have no doubts we got cash! Clixsense pay us once more 478.31$!

So here is screenshoot for new members to give them some motivation:

cspaypal cashout

As you can see that is almost 500$ in single cashout so don’t just give up when you start and see only 1 penny worth ads. For this business you need some time and strategy to get some members in downline and to do whatever you can tasks, offers etc and you simply cant loose.

When we started to work on CS we was disappointed because there was no ref to rent and we didn’t see full potential of clixsense on start but after we realize that clixsense is one of the best sites to make money online we work hard to get results.

Now as you can see we make good money on clixsense and we enjoy doing t...

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Useclix pay us 30$

Well here we post our payment proof from Useclix. We got our payment on Neteller and we get it in about 5 hours from our request.

For now you can continue to use Useclix and we hope that site will run more than half year.

Here is our proof:


About AVG from RR it is about 2 and as you see after invest 20$ we get almost 30$.

We continue to work on Useclix and we think that you can still make profit here as we do.

Happy earnings to all!

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Paidverts pay us on time now 389$

Here is our latest proof of cashout from Paidverts site. We get this one on netteler in just few hours from requesting withdraw.


So Jo and paidverts still pay users and you can continue to work on this site. Swap was successfully performed and we all start from zero BAP’s and shares rises a bit from 4.5 cents to 6.5 cents so whoever buy shares on 4c get a lot of profit with Paidverts.

What will happened in future nobody knows but we still see potential in Paidverts and we’ll continue to work there.

If you have anything to ask about PV use comment form and we’ll reply as fast as we can, usually in 24h.

Happy earnings to all!

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Pexads scam us!

Dear followers we just need to inform you that pexads scam us on our first withdraw so you can stop clicking there.

Pexads also remove forum button so you cant read nothing there!

This is fastest end of site from fuse, zap, kayads family and we was expected at list to get few payments, but as you read we didn’t get any.

If you do invest there go file dispute right now!

We also stop promote this site and kick out from our list.

Thanks for support us as direct referrals, that is only way to check those scams.

Here is prove picture where you can see that we have many clicks to get minimum for cashout and when we do we get nothing in cashout balance.

pexads scam us

Keep support us on other sites and we will continue to inform you about scams.


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Kayads scam members!

Yes kayads scam members!

As we though from beginning Kayads didn’t last more than 4-5  months and definitely he is history.

We remove Kayads from list and stop promote this site.

We also remove buxbery and ptcstair from our lists, and we thinking to remove Bronclix also since there is connection with buxberry and ptcstair even they clam that other admin run this site. We believe that it is same group of people on all three sites.

scam epb

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Buxbery and PtcStair goes to scam!

EDIT: As we suspect, bronclix also scam members ads admin run away from site!scam epb

Another sad news for those who invest in these sites. Buxbery and PtcStair goes to scam!

It was smell like that just when I see big discount for upgrades and all story about problems with renting referrals are just constructed lie to have some kind of excuse.

Yes we got mail from admin where he sadly inform us that main reason for closing is that many members file dispute on Paypal and Payza but we see this scenario many times and we will see same in future for sure.

All we can say that you can’t expect from site to last more than one year aand be stable with this 1.5-2 AVG of RR’s. Only Probux last almost 2 years like that but I doubt we will have “probux like” PTC again.

Don’t be surprised when you see more sit...

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