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End of Ultibux!

ultibux review

We predicted this when we heard that paypal stop work with them. It’s almost impossible to continue business when paypal block you and hold money that users invest in site. Without money you can do nothing more than close site.

What we see on very first start of this site is that Ultibux was well compresed site and always rum smoothly without any usual problems that other new sites have.

We salute admin of Useclix, whoever he is, for hes honestly to all members of this site. He talk about all problems on forum and he promise that he will refund members who invest. Many of them have receive money back and some of those members post proves on forum.

For all who did not ask for refund he clearly says that they should ask for money on mail and he will refund every penny.

All this is an exampl...

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Adfiver turns slowly into a scam!

EDIT: Adfiver staff are completely exposed by Fernando (admin of Neobux) and you can read more about them HERE

You can found everything about Gustavo, Alexandre, Karin and Lisa who run all those scam sites like Fusebux, Zapbux, Probux, Upbux, Onbux, Kayads and finally Adfiver.

We can only say: Thank you Fernando! And if you read this we ask you to take some time and attention and try to expose owner of Useclix and Buxwon. We believe that it is same owner behind these two sites and this one is smarter then Gustavo and Alexandre.

Well to be honest we know this from beginning. We already mention that Adfiver remind us on Fusebux an Zapbux and that we suspect that behind this site are same group of people who/was running  all well known scam sites.

Adfiver did not stop operate but what you c...

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Paypal stop provide service to Ultibux

More bad news for Ultibux, paypal decide to stop business with this site. Admin claims that he wanna continue business with other processors but we all know that this will be hard to do when 90% of investments come from paypal.

So how you can expect that he pay those users with payza or neteller when he have only 10% investment there.

We hope that this can be possible but it is hard to believe in that.

ultibux paypal news

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Useclix reset and delete all accounts!

After yesterday bad news, today you can see if you try to load site that admin back old skin and remove all account. So now if you try to login with old account you can’t. You need to create new account and start from zero.

Also now site have .net extension and if you cant reach then on then click here

We all know that this means only one thin, this site is dead and you can only waste your time so if you didn’t file dispute it is right time to do so.

useclix old skin

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Paypal closing Useclix!

Bad news folks, Useclix admin claim on forum that paypal closing business with them.

paypal close useclix

When paypal decide this that means 99% that useclix is dead site. Admin still wants to somehow keep this site operate with other payment processors but it’s gonna be hard specially if he do this as he describe with reset all balances and upgrades to all users.

Read more on forum HERE.

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Ulmons ( suddenly disappeared from internet!

Well after all good information about Ulmons and the company info this site just disappeared. We don’t know what happened with Ulmons but this is unexpected.

Good thing is that we though to invest some money on Ulmons but now we are happy that we didn’t.

We hope that all of this is some minor problems and site will be back but who knows.


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Cashnhits is not longer available on Internet

Well we are really disappointed when we notice that Cashnhits stop payments and disappeared. We earn good money there but this is just example to all of you that there is no 100% trusted site and that any site can be closed overnight.

Anyway this was predictable since they prolong payments with so called “checking account” excuses and if you do that to often you just create more debts to the site and once you come to the point where you must stop business.

We can see that almost on the same way goes BuxP. They also start to bother users with some stupid excuses like proving your paypal account etc. and even if you do what they ask they again force you to click xxx ads before you can do another payment!?

There is also news about Ultibux, their paypal account is under review and they told th...

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Neobux added Skrill payment processor!

Today we got great news from Neobux admin. One more processor is added for those who like Skrill insted of paypal or payza/neteller.

Nothing more to say here you can read more on forum.

neobux skrill

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Again we have more good news from Useclix our favorite PTC site in 2015. First news is that we got some good discounts on memberships and renewals and best news is that they launch their own social network!

Here is screenshoot from forum post:

useclix news

For Ultimate membership we think that admin made mistake (but we hope he didn’t) and this with social network is just great. We hope that admin will bring more good news like this in future.

Look new Social network page:

usefriends social network



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Toxads pay us on paypal!

EDIT: Toxads goes to scam and we won dispute on paypal against them!

Well this post is just to inform you that we got paid by Toxads on paypal!

Our cashout was not big, only few bucks, but we wanna test Toxbux and we got our payment.

Here is our prof of payment from paypal email:

toxads pay us

So play smart for now and use paypal if you can. There is a lot misunderstanding things about DR and RR comission but when we calculate all of our samll investment we have profit about 40% at end.

Help us with joining in our downline and we keep inform you about our progress.

Happy earnings to all!

[wpexitpage url=”″]


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