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UseClix Scam or not? (

UseClix Since March 2015

FINAL EDIT: Site is dead read more HERE

EDIT: Useclix have problems with Paypal read more HERE

useclix review

EDIT: Useclix pay us Read More Here.

Here is launched new ptc site Useclix and you wonder is Useclix scam or not?

We join and tested for few minutes and we can tell you that Useclix site remind us on previous Buxwon. This do not mean that we clam that this is same owner, we just see some similarities.

Best thing about Useclix is that they offer Neteller as payment option with Paypal and Payza.

Useclix have also so called unique script and that is promising for long term and stability.

You have 4 basic ads like on other sites worth 1 cent and 3 types of memberships standard, golden and ultimate (same story like on 90% PTC sites) and you have good commission from DR as ...

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PexAds ( Review – Scam or not?

PexAds since March 2015

 EDIT: Pexads scam read more and look our prof  HERE

pexads review

Well we got one more website from Probux,Fusebux,Zapbux, Kayads family. Pexads is last in a row for now this is so obvious that we do not need to explain how we know that. Same method last 4 years and they did it again.

There is everything same including unique script which is not really unique, it is same script they use on all rest sites.

Pexads have Paypal but there is no Neteller which is strange if you look on Kayads where is opposite situation and Payza is available on both sites.

Even we all know that Pexads will end as scam after half year we still suggest you to give a try on this. They usually pay instant and if you invest some small amout of money you can back your profit and earn more money..

We wil...

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Trafficmonsoon ( Is it Scam?

Trafficmonsoon since 2014

TM review

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

Main reason that we are little late with review of Trafficmonsoon is that we did not believe that this site will survive two months with this system of highly paid ads and revenue sharing.

So we don’t wanna to rush and give a bad reviews but since we get a couple of payments, all instant as they claim, we decide to write this review.

 Is Trafficmonsoon scam?

Trafficmonsoon was launched 10.10.2014 by admin Charles Scoville the same admin of AdHitProfits and previous scam site Infinitybux. So since we know his history we didn’t rush with work and getting refferals.

Firstly watch this original Trafficmonsoon video HERE.

The system of Trafficmonsoon is great and to be honest it is unique and in compare with AdHitProfits you can make money without investment and we ...

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Bronclix ( Is it Scam or Legit?

 Bronclix launched FEB 2015

 EDIT: Bronclix scam members and admin left site open but run away! If you invest do dispute right now!

bronclix review

Well after long time with no new reviews we finally introduce another ongoing PTC Bronclix.

Site is recommended by admin of Buxberry and PTCstar but Bronclix is not actually their site, its belong to Hoang Cam man who help them with BB an PTCS.

Bronclix is pretty much same like BB, have same ads and same evolution script so there is not much to talk about that. If you work on BB you know everything already.

What we don’t like is that site have 80% same ads like BB and standard ads are ads linked to BB and PTCS or “vote us on EMS”.

There is also a question “Why he open new site if he work with them?” Maybe he wanna try alone, who knows but still he is recomm...

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How to complete CrowdFlower Tasks and MiniJobs

CF sing in

What is CrowdFlower?

CrowdFlower is one of leading company that provides micro tasks and jobs all over the world. Crowdflower clients are websites, organizations, and companies and Crowdflower act as middleman between you (as worker) and them. Crowdflower duty is to distribute jobs into small parts (tasks and minijobs) to users. Tasks and minijobs usually contain set of test questions to complete and you need to pass them before you get chance to continue to work and to get paid for. Crowdflower offer variety of different tasks like sentiment analysis, explicit content moderation, find URL in search engine, transcribing data, finding errors on websites etc. but to get start to work you need to be registered.

How CrowdFlower Tasks works?

Crowdflower has a system through they ensure quality...

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Aceclix ( Scam or Legit

Aceclix since Dec 2014

aceclix review

You wonder is Aceclix scam or legit?

Well Aceclix is brand new site launched in Dec 2014 and they offer Neteller as processor for cashouts and investment. They also claim that they are registered company AceClix Advertising Solutions LLP.

We have learned that this don’t mean almost nothing but it is always better to claim anything then nothing. In this case we can check them for this one.

There is also rumors that Axeclix is launched by former Neobux moderator. We will search more about this information but for now  we can find some similarities with neobux and this is nothing new because many new PTC websites try to copy neobux style and methods.

Anyway we will test this site and you can join under our ref link to help us and to fast test they cashout system and ...

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Actionbux ( is it scam or legit?

Actionbux since 12 Dec 2014

actionbux review

Here is one new interesting website Actionbux.

Actionbux is launched 12.12.2014 and owners claim that they are registered Canadian company  N.E.K Advanced Solutions Inc.

We check that already and it seems that they do not hide any info and the fact is that they are legal company. They have new Paypal, Payza and Neteller accounts and all of them are verified exept Neteller.  Neteller should be added soon, within next 10 days.

So here is some basic info about Actionbux:

– Company: N.E.K Advanced Solutions Inc. of Canada
– Start date: December 12, 2014
– Script: Evolution
– Payment Processors: PayPal Payza & Neteller (be added soon).
– Countries: All Accepted
– Daily Avg click earnings: $0.009 +/-
– Minimum Cashout $5 stepped to 10$
– wait time for cashout: 24h...

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ExtantBux ( Is it a Scam or Legit

extantbux is scam

Extantbux is launched in December but from old scammer also owner of  ComboClix and TheCaBux sites that already stop payments. We don’t recommend this site for work and we also will not promote them at all.

You are warned and since owner of site already remove topic about some questions about connections between these sites we will share picture from PTC investigation FB page:

extantbux is scam prove 1and one more:

extantbux is scam prove 2

So it is clear here that you should not waste time on ExtantBux.

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RectorClix ( Scam or Legit – Review

Well we do not waste to much time to write review or detailed search for RectorClix becouse it is another scam in making.

rectorclix scam

Owner of Rectoclix is old scammer that run LucentBux, ConixBux, RegalClix, EaglesBux, and many many other scam sites.

Their PP is several days old and other processors are not verified to, so we will not recommend this site because they will not last more than couple of months.

About these scammers you have discussions on EMS forum.

You can also find on rectorclix ads with no ref link for neobux and clixsense.

They do same thing to other sites they own and they just wanna fool you to believe that they are serious in PTC business.

neobux rectorclix no ref link

So as you see there are a lot fake ads. Don’t invest any penny there!


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Kayads ( Scam or Legit – Review

Kayads @ since Nov 23 2014

EDIT: Kayads gone to scam and soon will be history so dont waste time there anymore

kayads review

Well Kayads is very new PTC site launched yesterday 23.11.2014 and site already have 10k members for just few days.

KayAds is a brand new ptc website with a unique script. KayAds is a registered company which is running it’s business in Switzerland!

For now we noticed that they do not offer PP for now but there is Neteller and Payza for payments. Admin also claim that they will be add PP after 2014 and they do not wanna take risk with PP at beginning.

As old PTC clicker I notice that this site design and structure have many similarities with fusebux and zapbux, plus there is a Neteller as payment processor and there is not much PTC sites that use Neteller.

Neteller is good sign t...

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