Cashnhits is not longer available on Internet

Cashnhits is not longer available on Internet

Well we are really disappointed when we notice that Cashnhits stop payments and disappeared. We earn good money there but this is just example to all of you that there is no 100% trusted site and that any site can be closed overnight.

Anyway this was predictable since they prolong payments with so called “checking account” excuses and if you do that to often you just create more debts to the site and once you come to the point where you must stop business.

We can see that almost on the same way goes BuxP. They also start to bother users with some stupid excuses like proving your paypal account etc. and even if you do what they ask they again force you to click xxx ads before you can do another payment!?

There is also news about Ultibux, their paypal account is under review and they told that they will refund users who invested through paypal on other processors but since they have problems with paypal we can’t recommend them for investments anymore. Paypal is good sign for PTC websites and when any site have problems with paypal we can 99% be sure that that site sooner or later goes to scam.

EDIT: Some good news about Ultibux. They solved problem with Paypal and for now site operate normally. (05.01.2016)



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