How to calculate BEP and AVG for rented refs?

How to calculate BEP and AVG for rented refs?

Hi there, this post is created with the intention to help you to calculate your BEP. If you know your BEP you will know how much avg do you need so you will not lose money on PTC websites.

How to calculate BEP and AVG?

Some basic explanation:
– AVG(average): Is the result of divide the amount of clicks of your referrals between a certain period of time, usually calculated on daily basic.
– BEP(break point): Is the minimum AVG you will need to at least recover your investment. So main thing is to know you’r BEP so you can menage referrals to be more profitable for you.

Let´s see an example:
You rent referrals and as you know they will work for you for 30 days, before they expire we need to extend their time so we do not lose them besides the fact that we pay a small fee for letting they expire. We need to know how much AVG or money we need to earn to at least recover our investment, so we need to do some math and create formula for two types of membership “Standard” and “Golden/Ultimate”. Only difference is that click value of RR is double for upgraded members in compare with standard members.

How to calculate BEP for standard membership?

Referral cost is $0.20 (30 days period)
Referral Click Value (Standard): $0.005
Formula is: ($0.20/$0.005)/30=1.33 AVG
Or simply explanation you need 40 clicks from RR to cover his expenses. That is 1.33 clicks per day and that is your break point. If you have more that that you have profitable RR and if you have less you should recycle him or just let him expire.

If you can keep this avg above 1.33 by the end of the month you will recover your investment and have profit. That is only for the first 30 days of your referrals, now you need to calculate your new BEP when you extend a referral for longer period.

We make this much easy to you, the next table are going to help you and make things clear:

Stadard table AVG

There is more to calculate for golden members because the more RR they have the more rental price is. So here is tables for categories:

AVG for Golden all table

If you still confused lets see an example:
You are Golden member with 500 rented referrals that you extended to 150 days, you just need to look for the board with the limit of referrals you have. If you already find it you will see that you will need a 0.53 avg, with this avg you ensure not lose money and at least recover your investment.

You can also add the membership cost to your BEP so you can renew your membership the next year, but that is another formula that if you want i can create another board later. I hope this post can be helpful to you, if any of you find a mistake please just let me know to fix it but notice that this tables was made for ProBux and there is a little difference for other websites like Neobux or others where you can rent referrals.
Prices in tables already have the current discount. 60 days 10%, 90 days 20%, 150 days 25%, 240days 30% etc.
How to add the membership cost to your BEP?
First of all, why it is important to add the membership cost to the BEP? Simple, if you only work based on the BEP for the extensions of your referrals you are not considering the possibility to extend your membership. If you keep at least the BEP you need to extend your referrals surely you won’t have enough money to renew your membership, therefore you will need to invest again to extend your membership one more year.

Knowing this most of all will agree that it is good to know the total BEP we need to at least recover the investment and ensure to renew our membership and maintain our referrals, in simply words if you add the membership cost to the BEP you do not need to worry for the renewing of your membership the next year.

Now we need some data first as membership cost and duration. On ProBux price for golden membership is 80$ or usually 70$ if you buy on discount.

Now lets see an example:
You are Golden with 500 rented referrals extended to 240 days and you bought the one year Golden membership, you know that your BEP is 0.49 but this is only for the referrals expenses so we need to calculate how much more do your referrals needs to generate to help you to renew your membership one more year:
Membership cost: $70
Membership Duration: 365 days

$70 / $0.01 = 7000 clicks from your referrals needed.
7000 / 365 = 19.18 clicks from your referrals every day.
19.18 / 500 = 0.04 avg extra needed.

Now you need an extra avg of 0.04 to be able to extend your membership one more year without any other investment from your pocket, so your TOTAL BEP is:
0.49 + 0.04 = 0.53

Now you realize that the more RR you have the less affected your normal BEP from tables will be. You only need 19.2 clicks from RR each day no matter do you have 100RR or 2000RR, but on maximum of 2000 RR as golden member you will not even care about 20+- clicks.

If you can keep this Avg across the year then you will extend your referrals and renew your membership without any other investment.

Please have in mind these calculations doesn’t take in consideration your clicks neither your direct referrals clicks, consider that as a plus to your account.

Knowing your BEP doesn’t guarantee that you do not need to worry of your account, this is just the number you need to know and you have to make it come true by watching over your referrals every day. Recycle about 1-2% of total RR’s if they not active more then 7-8 days and you will make your dreams come true!

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