Buxbery and PtcStair goes to scam!

Buxbery and PtcStair goes to scam!

EDIT: As we suspect, bronclix also scam members ads admin run away from site!scam epb

Another sad news for those who invest in these sites. Buxbery and PtcStair goes to scam!

It was smell like that just when I see big discount for upgrades and all story about problems with renting referrals are just constructed lie to have some kind of excuse.

Yes we got mail from admin where he sadly inform us that main reason for closing is that many members file dispute on Paypal and Payza but we see this scenario many times and we will see same in future for sure.

All we can say that you can’t expect from site to last more than one year aand be stable with this 1.5-2 AVG of RR’s. Only Probux last almost 2 years like that but I doubt we will have “probux like” PTC again.

Don’t be surprised when you see more sites with this AVG or high commission to end soon like kayads, bronclix, pexads etc.

We remove and stop promote Buxbery and PtcStair!

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