I got banned on Neobux for stupid mistake!

I got banned on Neobux for stupid mistake!

Well i hear this many times from my users. Main problem is because users do not read terms of service and misunderstanding of how this business really works.

Most common mistake is when someone wanna show to his friend how making money online works and log through his computer on PTC sites. After that if his friend create account they both get banned on particular PTC site.

Of course users can be banned if they breaking rules with attend to cheat system like make fake accounts or install programs for auto clicking. If you try to do this you will never get your account back.

If you break rules with no attend to cheat you can back your account and i will tell you what you need to do.

One of my DR was banned, like i say at start of post,, and he ask me for help so i told him to write at support@neobux.com and tell them honestly what he did and kindly ask them to restore his account.

So he listen me and did exactly as i told him. Support contact him next day and tell him that they will unlock his account and account of his DR but they warn him to be careful in future about that.

This is common mistake that new users do so i write this for all who have this problem. This can be used on any site and problem is that banned user cant even get support through website so they can’t write regular ticket on site.

Neobux have very strong cheat protection so you cant just delete your history and create another account. If you wanna work but you get ban only way is to contact them.

All websites usually have similar support mail address. It starts with “support@” that add name of website with “.com” at end. In Neobux example it is support@neobux.com.


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  • tamu  says:

    I want to ask, i worry about my personal information, so when i started register to neobux, which information (name, date of birth etc.) that must be match to my personal information on my paypal account.

    • maxwc3  says:

      On Neobux you must only enter your paypal email address, so they can send you money on your account. Other personal info isn’t required.

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