Advertzer scam? review

Advertzer scam? review

advertzer review
You ask is Advertzer scam so read few sentences and judge for yourself.
Well I’m simply amazed how people rush in Advertzer that is obviously a copy of Paidverts. I will not even try this one and I doubt that this site will last more that two months so it is waste of my time and money.
Yes many who invest now will maybe earn some money but if you was on digadz (site still pay users) you will know that now you can earn nothing there without DR’s.
This site is so ugly copy of Paidverts and I don’t need to compare this sites income with income on PV.
Even PV has troubles to pay users so what can you expect for this low copy?
Since it is nothing more that copy of PV I don’t need to explain how to work there, you already know and if you are newbie then use “search” in top right corner and ask for Paidverts review.
So final advice is don’t invest nothing in site if you can bring 5-10 DR at list.

After few months site will have closely zero daily ads or no ads at all and users will take hands of Advertzer yelling “advertzer scam!”

See you in comments when this scenario came true, happy earnings.

EDIT: As we predicted after only one and a half months advertzer have “depth swap” or with other words they reset account because they run out of funds.

Wonder what will happened next?

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