Adfiver turns slowly into a scam!

Adfiver turns slowly into a scam!

EDIT: Adfiver staff are completely exposed by Fernando (admin of Neobux) and you can read more about them HERE

You can found everything about Gustavo, Alexandre, Karin and Lisa who run all those scam sites like Fusebux, Zapbux, Probux, Upbux, Onbux, Kayads and finally Adfiver.

We can only say: Thank you Fernando! And if you read this we ask you to take some time and attention and try to expose owner of Useclix and Buxwon. We believe that it is same owner behind these two sites and this one is smarter then Gustavo and Alexandre.

Well to be honest we know this from beginning. We already mention that Adfiver remind us on Fusebux an Zapbux and that we suspect that behind this site are same group of people who/was running  all well known scam sites.

Adfiver did not stop operate but what you can’t see now on forum is that several members reported that they was unable to do cashout on Neteller or Paypal.

OK that was not big deal if they’re post stays on forum and if admin or some of mods answer and explain what is going on, but instead of that mods just delete posts and probably ban those members from forum!

Here is some captured post before adfiver staff delete them:

adfiver delete post

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  • alan  says:

    Yes, AdFiver – SCAM Site… PayOut Problem for 6 days. Fake Proof Payments… Lost my money…

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