Actionbux ( is it scam or legit?

Actionbux ( is it scam or legit?

Actionbux since 12 Dec 2014

actionbux review

Here is one new interesting website Actionbux.

Actionbux is launched 12.12.2014 and owners claim that they are registered Canadian company  N.E.K Advanced Solutions Inc.

We check that already and it seems that they do not hide any info and the fact is that they are legal company. They have new Paypal, Payza and Neteller accounts and all of them are verified exept Neteller.  Neteller should be added soon, within next 10 days.

So here is some basic info about Actionbux:

– Company: N.E.K Advanced Solutions Inc. of Canada
– Start date: December 12, 2014
– Script: Evolution
– Payment Processors: PayPal Payza & Neteller (be added soon).
– Countries: All Accepted
– Daily Avg click earnings: $0.009 +/-
– Minimum Cashout $5 stepped to 10$
– wait time for cashout: 24hrs

Actionbux have some trusted seals and certificates and we check that to and all is fine here. Here is some screens:

actionbux seals security

actionbux starflet safetyactionbux sitelock security

Actionbux is powered with Liquidweb company and they’re servers are very fast and expensive.

As we always do we advise you to go ahead fast with this site because there is zero chances to loose money if you invest at start. Just be carefull and do not load to much money or rush and buy membership until we get some better feedback.

We will test this site and we ask you to join under our ref link to help us to test Actionbux and check their cashout system.

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